Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh good grief

I rarely bother with Inside Catholic anymore but when I do, I find sad little essays like this . You wonder why so many 20somethings have left the Church? It's not for love of Facebook. Young people usually leave the Church not because of some great trauma but because for many of them, there is nothing to hold them. Chad and Jessica may not hate their parish but they sure don't  love it. Their parishes are nice, very nice but fail miserably to show Jesus as anything more than their nonjudgmental buddy in heaven. To paraphrase Archbishop Fulton Sheen many parishes fail to image the real  Christ who  makes us "hate evil with a passionate intensity, and love goodness to a point where we can drink death like water."
My generation, the one before the Millennials  were fed an ooey gooey, pretty pony gospel instead of the Faith that sustained the martyrs. Most of us grew up in parishes that were repulsive.The music, the teen masses, the rap sessions (shudder) and the Youth Leader were supposed to be relevant but were quite lame and we knew it. We had too many effeminate priests who looked and behaved like they were put together by the ladies gardening committee. The brave and devout young man who felt called to be a priest faced spending his life with such fellows as companions and superiors. Is it any wonder that many a vocation withered on the vine?  The girl who wanted to be like St. Therese found a convent full of Sr. What's Cool Now and Sr. Feminist. Naturally, she fled and didn't persevere in her vocation.
Things are better now.  With only one exception I haven't met a priest who was ordained after 1990, who used the "priest voice" or made me doubt his masculinity. Healthy religious orders are booming and we are seeing young habited nuns again but the damage is done. People talk about the 20 somethings as a lost generation when they ought to be talking about the lost generations and Facebook had nothing to do with it.


G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Certainly more than one generation. I'm 46, and grew up in Catholic schools in the early 1970s, the era of the first experimentations with liturgy and curriculum. Of the class of about 55 kids I went through 8 years of Catholic grade school with, I doubt more than a handful practice the Faith today.

Catherine said...

Agree completely! Many of my fellows don't believe in the Church or even in God. That's why we pray.

St. Catherine Laboure, pray for us!

Lola said...


I was so blessed to have a contemporary of mine as a Priest. He wasn't "Contemporary"!

He had to be ordained after 1993 and being a Central West Floridian, he has booming nearly "Southern Baptist" homilies.

Not afraid to preach, "Abortion separates you from God" and other 'hits'.

Oh thank Heaven we're getting some relief from those 1970s and 80s.

R J said...

Still plenty of sodomitic priests outside America, as well as (an even graver threat) priests of the "I'm not that way inclined myself but hey, I'm not going to be JUDGMENTAL and criticize the 'gay community'" persuasion.

nick said...

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Joseph Therese said...

On the money once again :)

Sheep 1 said...

This is so true.

Meanwhile, as lent approaches, we can imagine what Christ's view from the cross might have looked like and unite ourselves with His sufferings. His sadness at the sins He was dying for must have been more painful than the physical atrocities He endured.

We pray for the "New Springtime."

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

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