Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random thoughts on an insult to Our Lady, the anchoress and some other stuff

*I read on the excellent blog, Les Femmes that the miserable staff of the Oakland Museum of California have put on an exhibit featuring an obscene image our Our Lady. I was disgusted but later I felt comforted. You see, nobody ever bothers to insult the Dalai Llama or crack nasty "jokes" about Buddhism. Mormons are mocked but that might be due to envy (Mormons tend to be upper middle class) and they aren't openly hated the way Catholicism is. Libertines don't rage against the nice but impotent mainline Protestants. They hate us because our Faith is real. They hate Our Lady because their master, the devil does. It's because she is the Woman who crushes the serpent's head. She is the Mother of God. Now, what to do about the museum?  Mary Ann at Les Femmes has some good suggestions. I'll add just two: don't ever go to that museum and if you live in Oakland start talking anout defunding the place.

*I was disappointed in the Anchoress's take on Michael Voris. If my parish priest declines to teach the Faith I refuse to just sit there like a lump of cold oatmeal.

*I wish the US Conference of bishops could be abolished.

*Kat of the Crescat blog has been chosen to be one of the 150 bloggers invited to a meeting at the Vatican. Whoever put this meeting together didn't give people much lead time and some bloggers will need financial help to get there. I hope Kat makes it and I hope she has a blast in Rome.

*Why did the Vatican release a new catechism for World Youth Day? Surely, teens and 20somethings can read one of the many, many catechisms already available? And why didn't someone actually check to see what the thing said before sending it to the press? Why do we still have World Youth Day, anyway?

*Last Thursday Rocky and I went to the 7PM Mass at Blessed Sacrament in Alexandria. It's an ugly church with some of the coldest people I've ever met but they have great priests and the Mass was wonderful. There was no music, no lectors, no cantor, just the people and the priest. It was a completely ecclesiastical karaoke-free zone.

*When Rocky and I were in Norfolk to see the Life of Christ exhibit, we stayed at the Page House Inn. It was wonderful. My mother was a hotel housekeeper and housekeeping supervisor for 30 years and she's taught me what to look for when I travel. I couldn't find a single thing wrong at the Page House.


R J said...

We still have World Youth Day because NewChurch, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that for all practical purposes the only "Catholics" who matter are horny adolescents, and that those of us who are of an age to be neither horny nor adolescents might as well go jump in the lake.

Cornelia Ferreira and John Vennari got the measure of the whole WYD brouhaha six years ago; I see no sign that anything has changed for the better since then:

Baron Korf said...

The YouCat in English isn't bad. I've been reading over it for possible use in our High School program. It reads similar to the Baltimore in many respects, so it works well for a teaching tool.

After reading the foreword by the Holy Father, the intention was to make a uniform guide to the Catechism in the language of today's youth. "Language of today's youth" means, as far as I can tell, the "language of the religiously illiterate". The CCC assumes a certain level of religious and philosophical background that just a few generations ago was part and parcel to being a Catholic. It has since been lost to many Catholic and society as a whole. The YouCat (I hate the name personally, but they didn't ask me) is an attempt to teach not only the articles of the faith, but its language as well.

As to why the Italian was so bad, I don't know. Ignatius press is the publisher in the States and they usually put out a good product.

Lola said...

Dymphna, please share your 'what to look for list' please.

I worked as a Hotel Laundress in college, it was one of my favorite jobs.

And I always try to tip well no matter the hotel.

Dymphna said...

My mom says put your luggage in the bathroom while examining the mattresses. Always look at the mattress even if a member of the staff is looking at you and frowning. Look in the corners for bedbugs,eggs or spots of blood. If there's blood there were squished bedbugs. Pull the top sheet from the mattress and look. Look closely at the headboard for signs of insect life. If that's okay go to the bathroom and look for hair or scum in the tub. Check the toilet and the sick and look around for mildew or peeling wallpaper. If all looks good go ahead and unpack. Mama also cleans the toilet and tub herself.

Lola said...

Thank you so much. I didn't know HOW to check for bedbugs since they're pretty sneaky.

Thank you and your mother for the Hotel Confidential!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

*Kat of the Crescat blog has been chosen to be one of the 150 bloggers invited to a meeting at the Vatican."

Were they told off not to link to me?

Because they haven't, Crescat and Mark Shea (surely invited too back then) have not been responding very much.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"The YouCat in English isn't bad."

You are making a certain other Theological Robber Baron den Titel streitig, as they say in German!

I must object to that remark very strongly.

I looked it through while seeing it online, here is what I wrote:

deretour : "You-Cat"? No-Cat-But-A-Weasel

deretour : "You-Cat" No-Cat-But-A-Weasel, Part-2