Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random thoughts now that Blogger is back

*Yesterday I came across two  delightful blogs, Widow's Weeds.  and New Catacombs that I will definitely visit again.

*Last night Fr. Bear said the TLM. He has such a pleasant, calm voice and he's so easy to follow in the missal. St. Rita's has the TLM every Thursday at 7:30.

*Remember all the idiots who cheered the so-called Arab Spring? Patriarch Gregorios III would like to have a word with them. And Bishop Antonios isn't too thrilled either.

*John Zmirak seems to have kicked the hornet's nest. The response he gets should be interesting.

*The Great Santini is on HBO tonight. I can't watch it without getting sad. My Father-in-law is Bull Meecham without the charm.

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