Friday, June 03, 2011

Ascension at St. Rita's

Ascension Thurdsay at St. Rita's was beautiful. We had a sung Tridentine. Fr. Eagle had four altar boys and a very, very good schola. I'm always so excited when we go to the TLM. It's just plain amazing seeing little kids so quiet and attentive. And the people at the Mass are fascinating, college kids, young couples, young professionals and  people from around the world were there last night. Two old men sat in front of me. One had a shiny new missal and his friend had a missal so old and worn it was just barely held together by the sewn binding.
One thing about the high sung TLM, is that you can't let your mind wander. The priest  is constantly in motion and he's continuing his prayers to God on our behalf while the the choir is singing. I've been experimenting with differnet strategies for keeping up with Fr. Eagle and last night I followed the missal until  the Sanctus and after that I concentrated totally on the altar. It seemed to work.

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