Sunday, June 26, 2011

When a civilization falls

A lot of nice, well meaning people in the blogosphere are aghast because gay "marriage" has been legalized in New York state. To be honest, I feel like asking these people where the hell they've been for the last twenty or thirty years. Have they been so self absorbed that they havne't seen what's been going around them?

Marriage was already befouled a long time ago and heterosexuals did it.

Women divorce their inoffensive husbands for not being exciting enough and the rest of the world cheers them on, "You go, girl!"  Men dump their wives for a younger, prettier replacement and the the rest of us murmur "Well, he has a right to be happy." Generations of children grew up in broken homes and most Americans not only ignored their emotional and physical suffering but also had the gall to insist that the kids were alright.

Adulterers have been portrayed sympatheticly in films as early as the 1930s. From the 50s onward movie stars  had marital adventures that were nothing more than  a sick joke and the majority of our parents  and grandparents ate it up. "Sophisticated," married men subscibed to Playboy magazine and it wasn't too terribly uncommon to find it in their homes. Married women shamelessly read Cosmopolitan and took it's editor's vile advice to heart. Our generation is no better. Pick up any celebrity magazine and what do you see? Stories on who's cheating with whom and the American public can't get enough. Listen to the radio and what do you hear? Filth mostly. Every other song is about graphic fornication or adultery. Our civilization has fallen so low that it's like we're lying in the gutter looking up through a thick layer of toxic mud. All the poisons lurking in the mud are hatching out. Militant homosexuality is one of those poisons.

It's like Frankenstein's monster. Baron Victor Frankenstein had the gifts of freedom, wealth and brilliance but misused them and produced an ugly, homicidal "baby" who horrified him and destroyed everything that Victor loved. Militant homosexuality is the vicious monster baby of heterosexual decadence.

So what's gonna happen? I see two possibilities. Civil marriage is not the end game. Come on, you know that. The leaders of this movement have a plan and it's not about mere tolerance. Eventually two men or two women  will show up in a parish and demand a wedding and the government will back them up. That sounds farfetched but if you went back in time to 1911, and told people that aboriton would be legalized they would've called you insane. If you went back to 1957, and told people that a half black man was one day going to be president they would've assumed you'd been drinking. Impossible things are made possible.

The other possibility is that nationwide financial collaspe will interrupt the game altogether. If ordinary Americans are faced with worries about food and how to avoid a massive crime wave nobody is going to give a rip about a lot of things that matter now. Either way interesting times are coming.


Old Bob said...

You've nailed it, Dymphna! I wrote my archbishop at least ten years ago that he had better get the Church separated from civil marriage in this state, or someday some "gay" couple is going to sue the Church for her back teeth for refusing to "marry" them.
The "Playboy Philosophy" has done a lot to ruin many marriages and souls.
There is a radio station here that advertises "Celebrity Dirt Watch" to get listeners.

Kindred Spirit said...

What an excellent post you have written, Dymphna! I agree with everything you've so poignantly written. I think that it comes down to this: when Gotham becomes Sodom--and it has--we may expect Almighty God to act as He did in the Old Testament. His means may change, but His ways are the same. Perhaps it was never more apt to say that man proposes, but God disposes. Holy Mary, Mother of God, help us!

Terry Nelson said...

Yeah - this is an excellent commentary - you got it right from the start! Couldn't agree more.

Gina said...

A-to-the-men, sister. As Terry pointed out, couldn't have said it better myself.

Larry Denninger said...

Spot-on analysis. Throw in the damage Kinsey did with his "research" on sex. I think that's a connection not being talked about nearly enough.

We're reaping a whirlwind that will uproot all souls not firmly anchored in Christ and His Church.

Lola said...

I think we're due for a financial collapse.

We're missing 50 million taxpayers.

Gina said...
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Gina said...

Um, yup - so we've definitely just free-falled to a whole new level of awful. :(

Adrienne said...

While everything you've said about the state of marriage is true, it has no correlation with the homosexual movement, which started in earnest back in the sixties.

Even if every heterosexual marriage was perfect the homosexuals would still be clamoring for their "rights." It's almost like saying we "let" this happen by leading really cra**y lives.

We've had over one hundred years of dumbed-down education, political correctness, and rampant immortality in our culture.

The country is over-run with people that call themselves Catholic who have become so fuzzy in their thinking that they think the homosexual movement is about "equal treatment under the law."

Within one week you will see numerous lawsuits filed against purveyors of bed and breakfasts, wedding photographers, caterers, and privately owned halls. How's that for "live and let live" and equality?

Part of the Marxist movement is to use homosexuality to attack the family and the the Christian faith.

As bad as heterosexuals have messed up their marriages, we're still following natural law, which states that only a man and woman can truly be married.

Gina said...

Adrienne, I'd agree with plenty of what you said, but I think Dymphna's assessment of "We left the door open to our already messy house so the devil could come in with a sledgehammer" is very true as well.

It's much easier to invade an already weakened fortress, and the fortress of marriage, that used to be surrounded by a moat of morally responsible people, is now left defenseless against perversion.

So you both have super valid points, but I don't think they're at odds with eachother.

JP said...

I don't know how it works in other places, but a good priest I know up here (in Canada) said that if gay 'marriage' becomes law, he will simply give up his license to perform marriages.

Then, he will not be able to perform civilly recognized marriages at all. I know another priest who said he would go to jail rather than perform a "marriage" that couldn't be recognized by the Church.

He said that is one advantage to being a priest over being a Protestant minister. They rely on the money they get performing marriages. For a minister to give up his marriage license would mean a serious cut in income.

Православный физик said...

Dead on!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

In France, up to 2006, a girl could marry from her fifteenth birthday.

From 2006 to 2013 she had to wait to 18 to marry a man. From 2013, she can marry a man or a woman.

If that law change in 2006 had not happened, don't you think the one in 2013 would have raised some alarms?

Like "wait, do you mean you want two fifteen year old girls to be able to elope with each other?" and so on?

On top of that look at dates.


Seven years, and a little switch of numerals.

Someone was being symbolic, I think.