Sunday, July 03, 2011

Handmaids of the Precious Blood

This order of nuns  is dedicated to praying for priests. Through their external apostalates they invite priests, nuns and lay people to join them in their prayer and sacrifice.


Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

I love nuns. I get in trouble everytime I say it, I usually say I have a thing for them, but that's worse. Seriously though, I have to repost this. I don't mean this snarky or sarcastically, I am just enthralled with their devotion.

This is amazing... such silent service, such humble and giving hearts. No greater love.

Thank you, this made my night!

Maria said...

Fr. Hardon was their Spiritual Directore for a long time. The founder of the order, Gerald Fitzgerald,was an incredibly holy man. He treated priests/sexual offenders. Fitzgerald advised the curia not to re-circulate priests. He also finally reached the conclusion that priests of this ilk should be sent to an island, to pray and do penance. Fitzgerald put money down on an island for this end. It never materialized. The curia ignored his advice. An often overlooked bit of Catholic history.

Fr. Hardon alsow wrote the biography of Fitzgerald called: "A Prophet for the Priesthood". It should be required reading for all priests in formation.

rajouimet said...

Thanks for sharing this info about these wonderful nuns.