Sunday, July 24, 2011

A quote to stop you in your tracks

You're curious and inquisitive, prying and nosey. Aren't you ashamed that even in your defects you are not much of a man. Be a man, and instead of poking into other people's lives, get to know what you really are yourself....

St.Josemaria Escriva

It's funny. I'm not particularly attracted to St. Josemaria. He's like iodine on a cut--- but every now and then I come across some of the things he said and they amaze me. I wonder how I would've felt if I'd gotten one of his letters. Would I have howled in indgignation or cried in the corner or would I have been docile and listened?


Gina said...

I dunno - you seem to like St. Josemaria way more than you realize. ;) Either that, or he really likes you! He sure does find ways to speak straight to your heart!

Lola said...

I have a feeling you'd chuckle a little bit, then you'd pull up your sleeves and get to work on that particular character improvement.

Only someone like St.Josemaria could see it in you tho Ms Dymphna. Like Padre Pio. And he'd tell it to you in Love.

But, I personally like Padre Pio a little better. He wasn't always so sweet in telling it like it is either.

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