Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does Pat Robertson know the bible better than the average Catholic?

Catholics are told ad nauseum that Protestants know their bible better than we do. Well yes and no. I know Protestants who can quote the bible like a champ but their interpretation of what they've read can be whatever they or their sect or their particular preacher want it to be. Pat Robertson says that if your spouse has alzheimers you can divorce him or her and remarry provided that you make sure that the spouse is taken care of because alzheimers is a living death. Ole Pat, I assume has read the bible cover to cover and has come across Our Lord's words on marriage but this miserable, selfish "revelation" is what he  came up with.


scotju said...

Pat needs a 'word of wisdom'1 I have one for Pat: Shut up!

Lola said...


Pat Robertson ans. the question earlier in the week, CNN held a little discussion on it at the link above.

My dh and discussed the scenario, and almost immediately came to the same conclusion: The husband would leave the wife under nearly any situation that was difficult. He just wanted to have 'permission' to do so.

My brother and I discussed this also and he thought it was a 'planted' question. Years ago, he figured people called-in on talk shows and radio shows to throw a tasty bit of something to talk about. Not really someone who was suffering or dealing with a reality.

Gina said...

To be fair, I honestly don't think that's what Robertson was trying to say. Sure, it came out jumbled, but he was put on-the-spot by someone with a really scary, tragic problem that is probably very foreseeable by Robertson himself.

I'm no fan of his, but I think the witchhunt that's been called to denounce him for remarks that've been warped is wrong. If we're gonna crucify him, let's at least be honest about the reasons we're doing it.

And though the article is from Slate, I do actually agree with *most* of this author's take on the commentary.


However, Dymphna, your points about Protestant VIEWS being potentially way-off-base are spot on (as usual). Just because we don't know a verse word-for-word doesn't mean we don't understand the true underlying message of the verse. ;)

hank_F_M said...


When I started talking to Protestants about the faith, I came to realize the the preVII catechism classes had taught a very through knowledge of the content of the Bible. But I had never been taught to match it to chapter and verse.

Many of my Protestant friends knew some verses with Chapter and verse and were hard put place them in the context of the paragraph let alone the book or scripture generally.

In the future I vote teaching both.

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