Saturday, June 16, 2012


It was never about tolerance. The end game was always about the power to force people  to stand by and cheer whether they wanted to or not.  And so the band plays on. We all smile and smile and smile  'cause the rent is due, the kids need braces, the car needs work and we all need our jobs.

Some people think 'Well, I run my own business. This will never apply to me. Oh yeah? You too must dance to the tune and if you don't there will be a judge to force you to go along. 

That being said, I also think this all came about because normal people sinned openly and without shame or rebuke for the last 50 years.  From the '60s on there has been an explosion of straight people's perversion and cheerful fornication. There was no way we could live in a world where Hugh Hefner is a beloved, cool old grandfather figure to millions of people and his brand of pornography is so mainstream that it can be on the coffee table without anyone daring to raise an eyebrow and not have all kind of poisons nobody thought about hatching out of the mud of our sick society. Sow the wind and you reap the whirlwind. Society says "Oh come on. Everybody's doing it. You'll be fine. The kids will be fine. You can do what you want and getaway clean." No, you can't.


Old Bob said...

Wow! WELL said! Thank you!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Right on, Dymphna, and I love the picture of the weeping angel. If married couples had not embraced contraception I do not think we would be in the mess we're in. Separating sexual pleasure from procreation legitimized all sex play for pleasure. The possibilities (and perversions) are legion.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I think US has become Babylon.

Obama and US will fall, and after that the real bad things start (not saying Obama and what US is becoming isn't bad enough, of course).