Monday, June 04, 2012

Sometimes you need to hold your fire

I wish conservative and traditionalist Catholics would choose their battles better. Those sound like coward words and that's not how I mean it. Let me try to explain. Recently I saw photos of a new priest's first ordination. One of them showed him giving Communion to his little niece. The child was not dressed in the traditional First Communion outfit and someone wrote in to comment. The little one's pretty outfit wasn't completely traditional but it wasn't scandalous either. If I had a child that age I'd have no problem with her wearing that dress.  My own First Communion dress was actually midnight blue with white Swiss dots.  I wore a wreath of flowers instead of a veil like the other girls. I didn't look like the others but I was perfectly modest...honest. The commenter angered other commenters who remarked that Traditionalists were mean. The people who reacted that way were silly, but people are silly. They make snap judgements based on little things.

Another time on another site I saw remarks of a presumably traditionalist woman who ranted about the cheap fabric and sequins on the dresses of the little First Communicants at her parish. I thought she came off as a snob whom I would not care to know---not everybody can afford silk. Are working class or underclass girls not allowed to have the sacrament?  Both these ladies made a very bad impression. If a teen aged girl or woman comes to Mass dressed like a streetwalker I'll be the first to frown but picking on a tiny little girl recieving her First Communion from  her uncle, a brand new priest was just stupid. As I've said before the pope can be a shinning example, the local parish priest can be a beacon of holiness and it all gets shunted aside because the people in the pew are stupid jerks.

There are things that we must fight about.  If we see sacrilege, if we see a deacon acting like he's the pastor, if we see a priest forget that he is supposed to be an alter Christus that's one thing but don't pull out the ma deuce to kill a flea. It makes you look like a damn fool and it sabotages all the efforts to reclaim reverence, beauty and actual Catholic teaching for our parishes.


Gina said...

Where's the "Amen" button??? What's the "Amen" button?!?!?!

Sheesh - to think that people feel perfectly empowered and absolutely shameless in the attack of a child.

What was that about removing the log from your own eye...? These people can't see the forest for the trees. Goodness!

P.S. - The new CAPTCHA system is REALLY difficult to decipher. I must've refreshed it a good 10-15 times before I found one that I could read.

Lola said...

There's no fool like a "damn fool".

My seventy-something RED Sr.K wanted the girls to wear something other than the 'traditional' $100+ dress and donate the difference. Modest, sweet and appropriate, but it needn't be white and it needn't be 'spensive.

It was one of the precious few things I agreed with Sr. K.. Because I didn't want a guitar mass when we had a perfectly excellent music director who could play the church organ and direct the choir.

Sr. K loves groovey guitar masses.

BTW, my mother bought my dd's dress the year before from JCPenney's clearance rack, marked down to $3.98! And dd would have passed the 'class' test of any strict busybody.

All the girls wore white. And some of the boys did too anyway.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

It's not about what you wear for heaven's sake.

Anita Moore said...

It's not about what you wear for heaven's sake.

Nope. Not as long as it's modest and neat and clean.

Anyway, expensive does not necessarily translate into appropriate. I once saw a little girl first communicant wearing a white veil and dress that were (a) obviously expensive, and (b) very immodest. A little girl should never be tarted up under any circumstances, let alone her First Holy Communion.

Julie Loeschke said...

Our parish has a large Hispanic community,and all of the little boys wear a sweet little white tuxedo for their first communions.It is worn,cleaned and passed on to the next child.

Pablo the Mexican said...

We should always wear our Sunday best.

If children in your parish are not baptized, if children show up for First Holy Communion in poor clothing, and so on, it is your fault.

If you cannot have Charity in the pew, don't try to claim you have it anywhere.

People using their own supposed virtue to make a decision in spiritual matters are Protestants.

We should look to Holy Mother Church's tradition and follow suit.

If there are children that do not have their sacraments, it is on you.

If there are couples living in mortal sin, it is up to us to show Charity by helping them wed or separate.

May God our Lord in His infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us His abundant grace, that we may know His most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.


Joe Potillor said...