Friday, November 09, 2012

Saint Kateri

Most paintings of St. Kateri are terrible and done by people who either make her look white or who think that all Indians look like the Cheyenne. This life sized portrait by Kevin Gordon is going to hang at the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs in New York and I like it. My favorite image of her this one painted by  painted by Father Chaucheti√®re  who actually knew her and I think the modern portrayal is pretty close to it.  The orginial painting can be found at the St. Kateri shrine in Quebec.


Unknown said...

I feel suspicious about this one. In the description on the artist's website it states that, "The design in the halo around her head is the traditional Iroquois Sky Dome motif, which represents the celestial world, our world and the world of darkness." This goes against traditional Christian iconography - the halo is supposed to represent the light of divine grace which suffuses the soul, not the temporal world and it certainly should not speak of the infernal.

Acculturation is all well and good up to a point but we have to be able to recognise and reject that which is pagan.

Also, his other works are downright creepy.


Lola said...

I like it. But I also didn't know about the Iroquois Sky Dome either.

I remember hearing that missionaries would eventually learn to show in the traditions of the 'natives' the complete and perfect story of Christ that their stories tried to tell.