Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Lady of Good Help

The Our Lady of Good Help shrine is  particularly important because it is the only fully approved apparition site in the United States.  So it's a bit sad to see the  new statue that has been installed at the shrine. The artists meant well  but....

 it looks kind of plastic and cheap. The diocese should've gone to the wax museum in Natural Bridge, Virginia or Gettysburg and they would've gotten a much more life-life portrayal.

Here is the old statue

Here is the even older statue that Sr. Adele, who described what she saw when she was visited by Our Lady,  actually liked.



Gina said...

I don't particularly love the newest one, but I don't think I necessarily dislike it, either. I'm just wondering why she's blonde if Sr. Adele specifically noted her as brunette (as she's portrayed in the earliest one).

I like how ethereal the original statue is. :)

Lola said...

I love the original.

I am hoping to go see the shrine this year with my darlings over their summer vacation.

susan said...

horrible...it looks like a life sized 'Barbie'. Even the dress has a creepy aspect accentuating Our Lady's 'curves'....truly awful.