Sunday, May 05, 2013

random thoughts

*Someone ought to tell the DOD  that this is not Christianity's first rodeo.  This trial balloon seems to have been shot down but don't be surprised if it comes up again in a more clever way.

 *George Neumayr wrote an essay for Crisis Magazine that was scrubbed from the site. It's been republished in a few places including Real Clear Religion. I'm surprised at Crisis.

*Thank you, Holy Father. I hope Cardinal O'Brien doens't end up laughing into his sleeve with a luxury retirement but this is a start.

*When we go to my uncle's nursing home on Saturdays instread of our usual Sundays we got to Mass at a nearby church. I wore one of my veils. An old woman said to me, "I haven't seen one of those in years." She hugged me and kissed me.  If you are lady who veils in the presence of the Lord don't be afraid. Some women will be nasty to you, particularly old unhabited nuns and women who are exposing too much flesh because they neurotically think your coverage is a rebuke to them  but other people will be pleased and most people  won't care one way or another.
The newest item of  my veil collection came from Silver Hill Traditions.
* This is a sweet, positive idea.

Have you ever noticed that those simple living books, and blogs require you to  buy fourteen things to make a quart of washing powder? Let me tell you what real Plain people do. When I'm in Lancaster, I see the Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren ladies goign to Walmart and buying Tide.

*Back in the 90s the sports media was looking for a great white hope. Some player who would the second coming of Larry Bird. It was ridiculous. They overpraised even marginal players to the point where the audience began laughing and it stopped.  The media has been looking for a gay player in the major sports and now they've annointed a scrub who rode the pine in one of the NBA's worst teams as a hero, the new Jackie Robinson. That's pathetic and an insult to Jackie, by the way. He was an awesome player and keeping him out of the league was foolish. After people saw him play they realized that. If you want to see real heroism read about these little nuns.


The Digital Hairshirt said...

I love your random thoughts.

And although I don't wear a veil, I love women who do sincerely, and not just for show.

Speaking of veils, I met some cloistered nuns today. They radiate joy, pure and simple. I love them.

Lola said...

I've got one darling with super sensitive skin. I make ├╝ber easy laundry detergent out of ivory bar soap, 1/2c washing soda, 1/2 c borax heated in my soup pot with water. I measured exact amounts of additional water on my flip top container and marked it with a permanent pen. Not a lot of effort, but I actually need to have it on hand for my darling. Otherwise I buy whatever is super cheap, like today at Publix Fab was bogo.

I too love your random thougts and a big Thank you for the Jackie Robinson reminder of real bravery and excellence and a link to those brave nuns.

Unknown said...
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Dymphna said...

Thanks ladies. Lola, have you tried All Free and Clear? My mother has terrible allergic reactions to various things. In order for her to visit I use All and rinse twice. It seems to work.

Joe Potillor said...

Great thoughts as always :)

The NBA player that "came out" will be used for the agenda of course, and once he's served that purpose, he won't be remembered. Of course sports in general have typically leaned to the left politically.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"George Neumayr wrote an essay for Crisis Magazine that was scrubbed from the site. It's been republished in a few places including Real Clear Religion. I'm surprised at Crisis."

When I look at your links after these years (writing this in 2016 as you know, but certain future readers don't know), there are MANY articles and stories that have been scrubbed from sites. I am NOT surprised, except at your noticing for once.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Trappist nuns and the reposting of the Neumayr article are the two links that still lead where you were pointing.