Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Walking the talk...or just playing a game

Last month someone wrote to the Anchoress and asked, "So basically, the ‘orthodox Catholic’ game you all play is just that . . . a game?” Mrs. Scalia and her fans defended her ably and that's not what interests me. What bothers me is that question. Catholics look to the pope, the bishop or the priest and we forget that we ourselves are the greatest source of evangelization or scandal for non Catholics or any Catholic who is in a bad place spiritually and wavering. We Catholics say that matrimony is a sacrament and serious and then we turn around and do cute stuff like this it shows that we are full of it. I don't really blame the young couple. I will bet that the other Catholic members of their families cheered them on. The priest should have put his foot down but it never should have gotten to the point where they thought it was cool to ask him about having Otter as a ring bearer.

P.S. I love dogs. I'm more comfortable with animals than I am with most people but the Altar of God is not a playground or a dog park. C'mon. Don't be a Catholic phony.

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