Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Screaming in pain

A lot people are freaking out over Pope Francis. They are seriously talking about running to the Orthodox, or sedevacantism, or finding an independent chapel. I've run across a few people who say their Faith is hanging by a thread. Our brothers and sisters who love the Church are suffering and nobody seems to have any comfort for them.
To those who are thinking about leaving I implore you to wait. Wait like Mary did at the foot of the cross. Even though things look a mess. It was messier on Mt. Calvary. Jesus barely looked like Himself after the scourging and was a horrible sight to behold. But Mary saw her Son. Imitate her. Wait another hour, another day, another month and keep praying.
And then there are the folks who aren't breaking down but are seriously tired. I've read increasing comments from people who have decided to simply tune out. They are going to their parish and refuse to discuss or listen to anything having to do with current events in the Church. They will sit in the pews, throw a dollar in the collection basket and remain silent unless their pastor announces something crazy like wanting to paint  the parish's 18th century reredos hot pink with neon accents. I've noticed hat  a few bloggers have stated that they are either shutting down their blogs or just not writing about Catholic matters anymore. One of my favorite bloggers made the switch a couple of years ago and only writes about politics.  I am not going to  criticize these people. They are doing their best and trying not to reach the freak out stage. God bless them. Rest, and do what you have to but don't leave....please!


Adrienne said...

I see a direct connection between what is going on in the Church and what is going on in the secular world.

I had to stop reading many "Catholic" blogs because it became so disheartening. Obviously, I still read you ;-)

Creative Minority Report linked to a fine article the other day. I'll find the link and get back to you.

Adrienne said...

newguy40 said...

"Wait like Mary did at the foot of the cross."

I have to say that this is in fact the best possible advice that could be given at this time (and in most other times of danger to the Bride of Christ). I would add that you must must pray the rosary daily. You must must also spend time IN QUIET with our Eucharistic Lord. These are powerful weapons at our disposal.

For those who tune out, I can understand. The temptation to discouragement and despair can be a powerful one. And, Satan IS looking to way in to our souls and now more than ever. THAT is why devotions to the Holy Mother are so very fruitful.

Ad Jesu par mariam

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

newguy40, you said it. The temptation to discouragement and despair is precisely that - temptation to sin. While we understand it, in no way can we coddle or condone it. I did post on 5/8/14 regarding this most serious matter.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Was this the day when the crucifix fell down?