Saturday, June 28, 2014

I am Javert

Bishop Wenski says that if you care about our borders being enforced you are another Inspector Javert of Les Miserables fame. Mary Ann of the Les Femmes  blog gives him a thumbs down. When I read the bishop's comment all I could think about was 93, year old Catholic Louise Sollowin who was raped and murdered  in her own bedroom by an illegal alien last year. Various reports say that he'd been working as a roofer in  in this country for anywhere from two to four months. Obviously it didn't take him long to go bad. The trouble with illegals is that we know nothing about them. Were they criminals in the own country? What is their mental condition? Do they carry a communicable disease? Bishop Wenski doesn't seem to think of any of these questions.

The bishop's comments reminded me of another story that I read last month. A brave young priest in one of the worst parts of Mexico wrote about four young gang members who ran afoul of their gang for beating and robbing a man who was already paying the gang protection money. They acted without permission and presumably took profits for themselves. The punishment was to be execution but due to the priest's pleading it was reduced to exile. They were told to get out of Mexico and crossed the Rio Grande that night. It's a dramatic story but I have wonder what happened next. Did they throw themselves at the foot of the holy Cross and go straight or are they now victimizing Americans?  I guess I'll have to embrace the intended insult and say I'm an Inspector Jarvet because I am sick, sick, sick  of stories like this.


Old Bob said...

There is one incident in the novel which (as far as I know) is not in the play or the movie. That is when Jean Valjean, on his way away from Digne, encounters a boy, Petit Gervais, and in effect robs him of a 40-sous piece, thus becoming again, morally and legally, a criminal. It seems to me that that incident is the reason for Javert's further hounding of Valjean.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I wonder how fast the bishops would change their tune if they had to live on the border ranches where illegals are breaking into homes and even killing ranchers like Rob Krentz.

I'm with you, Dymphna. Border towns are going bankrupt because of the drain on their resources dealing with illegals. What don't the bishops understand about the immorality of murder, drug-running, and theft?

Joe Potillor said...

I'm with you, secure the borders

Eufrosnia D said...

Very good point!

I think when people picture illegal immigrants, they picture the innocent people coming over (of which there are many no doubt). But we cannot forget that there are those coming over who are criminals or ties to terrorism.

Perhaps the best solution is to have a streamlined immigration process which does much screening but is also efficient and quick. Perhaps there needs to be a case by case basis on handling illegal immigrants as well because some may have been innocent families running from danger or a threat in their own countries.