Friday, September 12, 2014

Cardinal McCarrick says that Catholic social teaching and the what the Koran teaches are pretty similar

Retired DC Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is a charming conversationalist with self deprecating humor and twinkling eyes. When he was in his 60s he looked like a Leprechaun come to life and is a master politician. He also confirmed Rocky and for that reason, my dear husband retains some fondness for him. I'd like to say his praise  of Islam is due to the mental decline that can come with old age but he's been humble and conciliatory towards Mohammed's creed for years and he's not the only one. It's like people are so afraid that they can't wait to bend their knees now in hopes they'll be spared later. Maybe this great cowardice is the reason why ISIS is having such success and why Islam in general has become so strong in the West.

St. Raymond Nonnatus, who risked your own life to rescue Christians slaves in Algeria, and who when imprisoned there, converted many of your captors, pray for your brother priests and bishops.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Can't say I'm fond of Cdl. McCarrick. As a pro-life activist I'm still appalled at his taking pro-abort Ted Kennedy by the arm and walking with him out of Mass. As for his conflation of Catholic social teaching with Islam -- good grief. The anniversary of Lepanto is coming up. Perhaps he should read about the Muslims flaying alive the commander of the fortress at Famagusto, Marco Antonio Bragadin after promising safe passage off the island of Cyprus. Somehow, I doubt the Holy League that fought to keep the Islamic Turks from overrunning Europe would agree with Cdl. McCarrick.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

There are similarities, at least superficially, as in condemning usury and recommending almsgiving. Even Mein Kampf has similarities to it, at least as far as condemning usury was concerned (not sure if Hitler was generous to loafers when not sending them to camps ... Dollfuss was and he was NOT sending them to camps - at least except in Upper Austria, and those camps had no death penalty for refusing to work).

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Of course, when it comes to slave hunting, perhaps McCarrick was forgetting that or not counting it as on "subject of social teaching".

Leo XIII could have seen eye to eye with Mohammed on condemning usury, but not on hunting slaves among non-Muslims. Very much not.