Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Random thoughts and A few good blogs

  • I know a lot of people are mad that the Archbishop Sheen's cause for sainthood has been temporarily closed but despite the way it went down, is the slow down really a bad thing? He died in 1979, and that's too soon to talk about canonization unless you're talking about a martyr or a super saint who raised people from the dead, or went to a foreign pagan country and miraculously was able to speak the language and converted millions.  I am not knocking the archbishop, I'm just saying slow down and stop running on emotion. 

  • The most well known Catholic blogs seem to be on Church politics, current events and the pope's doings. This is okay, but if you're looking for something different; or something devotional, I found some fine blogs and a website that are not widely known but definitely deserve to be. 


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I have a friend who is active with the movement to help the Palestinian Christians who have been severely persecuted by both Israel and the Muslims. When Ted Cruz went on his rant the other day I remembered what he said about some of the evil acts against these people by the Jews. Many of the Zionists are not religious Jews who respect the rights of others. They have the same attitude as Hamas. The Palestinian Christians have been driven from their homes and persecuted. But if you dare to criticize Israel, you are labeled anti-Semitic and a hater. My attitude toward Ted Cruz went way down after that episode.

Baron Korf said...

Regarding Bp. Sheen's cause, I'm fine with it being put on hold; however, I find the dispute itself to be exceedingly childish and unbecoming of the bishops involved.

My wife works with a Melkite priest from Damascus who is in exile here in Texas. He was unimpressed, to put it mildly, over the derailing of the conference by Cruz.

Joe Potillor said...

I share some of the same that has been said on the Christians in the Middle East.

In regards to Bp Sheen, it's simple to me, if arrangements were made, they should have been followed...ora et labora :)

Steve Dalton said...

The Evangelicals have always believed us Catholics are not "real Christians". Contrary to their persecution myth, we Catholics have been the ones who have been treated like crap down through the ages. We're the ones who have suffered persecution in the Middle East from Muslims, from Protestant fanatics during the so-called Reformation, and from the various heresies like Arianism from the very beginning of the Church. And, believe it or not, the early Protestants hoped Islam was God's scourge upon the Whore of Babylon (that's us folks) and sometimes even cooperated with the Muslims in the hope of destroying the 'Papal Anti-Christ'. So don't expect any kindness from these idiots, only put downs.

susan said...

Dymphna....do you know of a good, legitimate charity that's raising $ for these persecuted Eastern Christians? I'd very much like to give, but am afraid of the scammers.