Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dear Synod Fathers....God hates divorce.

This is a marvelous work showing a couple that judging by the wife's face have hit a rocky patch in their marriage and she's ready to kick the door open and head to a divorce lawyer. It looks like the couple has gone to the rectory for advice and the dear old priest is cajoling, pleading and preaching that they remember their vows and get past whatever it is that has brought them to this point. I wish the bishops at the synod could see it.


sheepnamedcoco said...

She looks like she might use that umbrella, too...

Gina Guarnere said...

I love how the priest is holding their hands, effectively using himself to physically bridge their divide.

God does the same. He provides the connection even (maybe especially) when we angrily turn away from that which He wants for us.

Thank you for sharing this piece. I'd never seen it.

Gina Guarnere said...


Just realized this... this is the image of marriage.

Husband, wife and God.

God is present EVEN when we don't want Him there.

Marriage, after all, isn't always a pretty picture. It's important to show the reality of marriage. Folks need to walk into this vocation with their eyes wide open, because marriage IS FOREVER, regardless of how much society tries to teach you otherwise.

If more folks would do away with the ridiculous notions of Disney "happily ever afters," methinks we'd be so much better off.

Marriage is beautiful, yes, but it's also gritty, hard work and the couple MUST be connected to God in order to stay faithful to their vows.

(K, I'm really done now. *blush*)

newguy40 said...

Great observations by Gina. I had not earlier noted that the priest is holding the couples hands.

Dymphna said...

Thank you, Gina!That was a beautiful observation.