Saturday, March 28, 2015

A tale of two Franciscans

We really need to pray more for our priests. They are under constant attack and when one falls into sin or merely acts a fool in public, the Devil and his minions rejoice because of the stain on the priest's soul and dignity and because people see this and lose their Faith. 

Looking back on Fr. Francis Mary of EWTN I remember that in the weeks before he left the priesthood he seemed unlike himself. He sounded and looked as grouchy as a teenager who is missing his absent girlfriend. When indeed, he left for the sake of a woman, I thought it unlikely that they would live happily ever after and according to this report, that is exactly the case. What a tragedy.

Fr. Michael Laloux, bless his heart probably watched Brother Sun and Sister Moon, one too many times  but how many people sat in those pews or will watch this performance and cringe so hard that they lose respect for the priesthood? 


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

If the "liturgical dancers" only realized that what they do is inspire head-shaking laughter....Do you think that would hinder their silly antics?

newguy40 said...


No, Mary Ann, it wouldn't make the least difference to them.

Three years ago I attended an Easter Vigil for a teen relative coming in the Church (Deo Gratias). After the Easter fire was kindled, a woman led the way in with incense in some sort of brass ash tray (censor?) and danced around the sanctuary while incensing the altar and anything that came within the erratic parabola orbit of her dance. As far as I could tell, this was very well received by the congregation in the pews who were excited and chatting away. My wife and I exchanged a sorrowful look as we were in for quite a night of "It's about Me! Easter Vigil"

The mystery and basic knowledge has been removed from most Churches. Pray for these people. Trust in Him in everything liturgical.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

That was truly horrifying.