Sunday, April 19, 2015

Christ among the ruins

This drawing shows a scene in Italy during WWII but looking at it I was reminded of the situation in our Church and our country. Pat Archbold at Creative Minority is one of the very few who plainly says America is doomed. I happen to think he's right. If you look at things clearly it's obvious that our country is like a fresh zombie. It looks okay until you get too close and get a good look and it hasn't started to stink too badly yet. I think we've reached the mokita stage in America. A lot of us feel that something is wrong but we say nothing for fear of social ostracism. Laugh at the preppers if you want, (until a hurricane hits and you find yourself stuck in your apartment with no food, no elevator, 20 flights of stairs and  having to relieve  yourself in the hallways because the plumbing and electricity is out like New Yorkers did after Super-storm Sandy) but although they mostly seem to be expecting the wrong outcome, they know something is up. My local and state government has advertising on buses urging people to take note of where the local emergency shelters are and get first aid training-- sensible things but do you recall ever seeing something like this when you were a kid?

The financial house of cards is looking pretty shaky and I doubt that the results of the presidential election will change a thing. If you owe a hundred dollars and only have thirty, you have a problem. That's the situation for our country on a mind boggling scale. And have you noticed that every week the media gives us some new shiny object for us to be mesmerized by? Too many people are distracted by Bruce Jenner or ogling some strumpet's nakedness on Instagram or babbling about the latest fake rape story at a  prominent college and are missing the important stuff. But look, Christ is there. In the midst of the ruins, Christ is there. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio won't save us and Hilary is no prize pony either. Only Christ, and only a massive wave of reparation to Him is the answer.


newguy40 said...

If you are not familiar with the image, Google "christ of the trenches". It;s a stark image of a partial sculpture of Christ on the cross. All that is left is Christ torso without most of his arms protruding from the detritus of the Neuve-Chapelle battle sector.

When all is said and done, that is all that is left on the battlefield. Christ crucified and us. If we chose to be with him. Frankly, I've been a bit of a "deserter" lately.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Am I, as a blogger, who COULD be printed, get copies sold and have a living, but am not, perhaps a mokita subject too?

Your friends Elena Maria Vidal and Boniface know about me.

If you know Fr Fewel, he knows about me too.