Monday, June 22, 2015

Random thoughts about that encyclical and other stuff now the headache has finally let up

  • It must have been awful for Catholics when Pope Libirious  went bad. It must have been even worse for people under Popes Virgilius, Honorius and John XXII (22). It must have been sickening for a decent person watching Pope Alexander flaunt his mistress and children.  We were chosen out of all eternity to live at this time and life is not always peaches and pretzels. Take up your cross and follow Christ on the Via Dolorosa.

  • Now, about the new encyclical. My inclination is pretty close to Chris Jackson,  but the trouble is too many people will try to rub their heads and stomachs counterclockwise at the same time while jumping on one foot if they think that's what a pope wants them to do. I see most of the Environmentalist movement as a cruel Sovietesque system that wants me to live like a 6th century peasant while the elite live happily ever after. This makes me nervous, irritated and in a mood to fight.  I'd rather see the whole secular system fall to pieces than live the way the enviros want.Beyond the subject of the latest encyclical,  we need to remember that not every single word that comes from the Holy Father's lips or from his computer is infallible.  If the pope is speaking about the deposit of Faith and says something like, "I, Pope Jones, successor of Peter, say to you.....that the Eucharist is Christ," then I'm his Huckleberry but if he says, "All good Catholics have to eat cilantro,"  then I'm free to ignore it. When the Holy Father writes that the world increasingly looks like a pile a filth and he is not talking about parts of India  and Nigeria where people squat in the streets to defecate  or parts of the Philippines  but means the West with it's sanitation plants and indoor plumbing I'm raising an eyebrow.

  • In your charity please pray for the parishioners of the Church of the Loaves and Fishes in Tabgha, Israel. Their church which honors one of Our Lord's most spectacular miracles was attacked with arson and vandalism. Many people in the US who call themselves Christian are greeting their story and the stories of Christians all over the Middle East with embarrassed silence.


  • On the home front, things are better and worse. My uncle's health has improved enough to leave the critical care floor and return to a regular room in the nursing home. Life at work, stinks. It just plain stinks. When my uncles's health settles down and gets off the wild roller coaster it's been on and when my migraines settle down (it's always bad the season's change and especially when it's thunderstorm season in Virginia) I'm going to start a new job campaign. 


Joe Potillor said...

The dissertation (aka the encyclical), was a pain to read, and mostly UN talking points, save the pro life references. It was a waste of 246 is true that the earth isn't an end, and we can't do what we want, but how we go about things, are up for debate, but man made climate change is complete junk, and even if we do the math comparing types of energy, man is small with respect to theat total energy of the earth. God havwill mercy on us

Adele Gibbes said...

I don't know what planet you are living on but Our Holy Father is right - it disgusts God that we are ruining the beauty of creation for greed. My home state of North Carolina is in a horrid state of disrepair - our water tainted by corruption and too much development without planning. I pray you will not be so blinded by your selfish desires that you completely ignore the horrible things we are doing to our planet. I'm not talking about climate change - I'm talking about dumping coal ash into the drinking supply and the state I live in getting a free pass as the legislature wreaks havoc on people and the environment we need for nourishment. Sorry but this is not a point where God will have mercy on us if we are so consumed by our own temporal wants that we ignore our neighbors in the west and around the world. IT is bad in America now and GREED and pollution are the name - you can live under a rock and be blind but we need to pray for God's mercy on HIS planet and also to take an active role in serving God - not just ourselves. You think you know more than God? I cower at this destruction - you are more attune to God's will than the Holy Father. I am not questioning your faith - but God makes us wrestle with hard issues and we have to be willing to give ourselves fully. We are living like serfs now under the tyrants of energy magnates like the Koch Brothers. I'm not even liberal and it is just the facts.

R J said...

Mrs. Dymphna, there are many other forms which "piles of filth" can take, other than, for instance, acts of physical defecation in the streets of Nigeria.

There is, for instance, the act of spiritual and moral defecation which has just been carried out by the Supreme Court, some of whose members purport, mendaciously, to be Catholics.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"It must have been awful for Catholics when Pope Libirious went bad."

They simply concluded Liberius was not Pope and St Felix II became pope for the first time. He stepped back when Liberius cleared himself as having been forced to utter heresy.

"It must have been even worse for people under Popes Virgilius,"

Do you mean Vigilius? He was a good Pope. Once it was certain he was Pope, that is.

While Vigilius was in Constantinople, Pope Agapetus died on 22 April 536, and Pope Silverius had been made pope through the influence of the King of the Goths. Soon after Silverius was ordained, the Byzantine general Belisarius occupied Rome, which was then besieged by the Goths. Although the Goths were unable to encircle the city completely, both the Byzantine soldiers and the inhabitants feared they would be destroyed. Soon after the siege began, for example, Belisarius ordered the women, children, and unnecessary servants of Rome to leave for Naples, as well as his own army's camp followers.[7] Around the same time, Silverius was accused of offering to betray Rome to the Goths. Belisarius had him deposed, put in a monk's habit and exiled to Greece. Several other senators were also banished from Rome on the same charges.[8] What part Vigilius played in the deposition of Silverius is unclear in the primary sources. The authors of the Liber Pontificalis, who are hostile to Vigilius, state he delivered to Belisarius the imperial orders to depose Silverius, yet are circumspect about how Silverius was elected and ordained.[9] Procopius, on the other hand, states that Belisarius appointed Vigilius shortly after Silverius was deposed.[8] It is certain that Vigilius was consecrated and enthroned Pope on 29 March 537. After the death of his predecessor Vigilius was recognized as pope by all the Roman clergy, even though the manner of his elevation was not regular

Oops, does this state that a Pope who starts off as un-canonic anti-Pope can become a real Pope, if orthodox?

Well, clergy in Rome thought so!

"Honorius and John XXII (22)."

Most Catholics never heard of the scandals they committed. In the case of Honorius, it was not positive adherence to an error, but lack of attacking it. In the case of John XXII, it was a case of his retracting his error after a saint had told him to do so, OR he would "retract his obedience" - meaning : go sede.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"It must have been sickening for a decent person watching Pope Alexander flaunt his mistress and children."

Did he ever flaunt his mistress after becoming Pope?

You mean Alexsander VI, I suppose.

Alexanders I-V and VII-VIII were great. Alexander IX is the name chosen by the other Argentinian Antipope - the one who is just schismatic but still Catholic. Who got elected despite Pope Michael already being Pope - because he wanted to canonise Feeney.

"Of Alexander's many mistresses the one for whom passion lasted longest was Vannozza (Giovanna) dei Cattanei, born in 1442, and wife of three successive husbands. The connection began in 1470, and she had four children whom he openly acknowledged as his own: Cesare (born 1475), Giovanni, afterwards duke of Gandia (born 1476), Lucrezia (born 1480), and Goffredo or Giuffre (born 1481 or 1482). For a period of time, before legitimizing his children after becoming Pope, Rodrigo pretended that his four children with Vannozza were his niece and nephews and that they were fathered by Vannozza's husbands."

In other words, the faithful were spared the scandal.

"Before his elevation to the papacy, Cardinal Borgia's passion for Vannozza somewhat diminished, and she subsequently led a very retired life. Her place in his affections was filled, according to some, by the beautiful Giulia Farnese ("Giulia la Bella"), wife of an Orsini. However, he still very dearly loved Vanozza, in a way he considered 'spiritual',"

Like "John Paul II's" love for a certain Polish female philosopher. He sent her his scapular. If she wore it to death, she might be saved and the miracles attributed to his intercession may be hers.

Now, this affair does not prove Wojtyla was not Pope. Alexander VI was, after all. It proves he was no saint, I think, since despite being in the "state of perfection" other things than God deeply affected him.

Which proves Bergoglio was not Pope when canonising him. There are other things to prove Wojtyla was no Pope.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"and his love for his children by Vannozza remained as strong as ever and proved, indeed, the determining factor of his whole career. He lavished vast sums on them and lauded them with every honor. Vanozza lived in the Palace of a late Cardinal, or in a large, palatial villa. The children lived between their mother's home and the Papal Palace itself. The atmosphere of Alexander's household is typified by the fact that his daughter Lucrezia apparently lived with Giulia at a point."

Well, that starts to look like a scandal - to those living in or near Rome, or hearing news from Rome other than his official documents.

Also, Carpentras had a more direct scandal. He tried to make his son Cesare bishop there - and failed, because Cesare preferred being a layman.

But rest of the Catholic world? This was before TV and Internet!

"Now, about the new encyclical. My inclination is pretty close to Chris Jackson,"

Not too bad.

But NOT a feeling people had about official documents of Popes Alexander VI, Vigilius, John XXII (except that semi-private statement he retracted after facing potential sedes), Honorius (except a one ban on being too unecumenic with Monothelites, which was condemned after his death, Pope Leo II making sure to insist it was just about his not supporting truth enough), or Liberius (except his signing a formula in Sirmium, which was reacted against by Roman clergy saying "he's not Pope" until he said "I was forced" and they said "sorry" - including his rival, and later successor, Pope St Felix II).

Especially not document after document.

"In your charity please pray for the parishioners of the Church of the Loaves and Fishes in Tabgha, Israel. Their church which honors one of Our Lord's most spectacular miracles was attacked with arson and vandalism."

By Jews or by Muslims?

"I'm going to start a new job campaign."

Perhaps printing and selling my books? My essays as your collections, that is?

As your own boss, you decide what you print and with whom and can see to it your job doesn't stink.