Sunday, June 14, 2015

Want to ruin your marriage?

  • Disrespect  your husband in public. He may love you so much that you can get away with it for a long time, but it will come back to bite you.   I once watched a serious Catholic woman discuss her sex life. She was talking about NFP. Her husband sat next to her with this frozen look on his face like someone has just shot off a gun next to his ear. That woman may know about NFP but she knows nothing about honoring her husband and keeping private things private. I'll give you a completely secular example. A singer appeared at a ball in a sheer dress and no underwear this year. Her husband was with her. He didn't look happy. In fact, he had the same thousand yard stare on his face that the NFP husband did.  Both men were made to look like fools in public. Don't be like that. 

  • Make your husband the family disciplinarian with you as the cool parent who always take the kid's side . A family sat in front of me at Mass and I saw that the daughter was wearing sheer, gray leggings with sequins. Her bikini  underwear showed though. She wore a small tee shirt that reached her waist. The last time I saw a female dressed like that was when I noticed one of the strippers headed to work at the strip joint across the street from where I work last Thursday. The father looked uncomfortable. . The daughter's body language was apologetic. Finally the father reached over and hugged her and the drama was over. The mother looked happy but she's going to pay that later, and it will come either from the husband or the daughter who now knows what she can get away with.

  • Read Pinterest and woman tubmlrs everyday and take it as your rule of life. Except for a few Catholic and oddly enough, most of the Mormon ones those sources are man-hating, envy and depression inducing, and worldly in the extreme. Get that stuff in your head and you'll become a real pill.
  • Become the parish busy body. Remember Mrs. Jellyby? Don't be her. 


David Roemer said...

Reasons to Believe in Jesus

Reasons to believe Jesus is alive in a new life with God can be found in quotes from two prominent atheists and a biology textbook.

Thus the passion of man is the reverse of that of Christ, for man loses himself as man in order that God may be born. But the idea of God is contradictory and we lose ourselves in vain. Man is a useless passion. (Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothingness: A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology, New York: Washington Square Press, p. 784)

Among the traditional candidates for comprehensive understanding of the relation of mind to the physical world, I believe the weight of evidence favors some from of neutral monism over the traditional alternatives of materialism, idealism, and dualism. (Thomas Nagel, Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False, location 69 of 1831)

And certain properties of the human brain distinguish our species from all other animals. The human brain is, after all, the only known collection of matter that tries to understand itself. To most biologists, the brain and the mind are one and the same; understand how the brain is organized and how it works, and we’ll understand such mindful functions as abstract thought and feelings. Some philosophers are less comfortable with this mechanistic view of mind, finding Descartes’ concept of a mind-body duality more attractive. (Neil Campbell, Biology, 4th edition, p. 776 )

Sartre speaks of the "passion of man," not the passion of Christians. He is acknowledging that all religions east and west believe there is a transcendental reality and that perfect fulfillment comes from being united with this reality after we die. He then defines this passion with a reference to Christian doctrine which means he is acknowledging the historical reasons for believing in Jesus. He does not deny God exists. He is only saying the concept of God is contradictory. He then admits that since life ends in the grave, it has no meaning.

From the title of the book, you can see that Nagel understands that humans are embodied sprits and that the humans soul is spiritual. He says, however, that dualism and idealism are "traditional" alternatives to materialism. Dualism and idealism are just bright ideas from Descartes and Berkeley. The traditional alternative to materialism is monism. According to Thomas Aquinas unity is the transcendental property of being. Campbell does not even grasp the concept of monism. The only theories he grasps are dualism and materialism.

If all atheists were like Sartre, it would be an obstacle to faith. An important reason to believe in Jesus is that practically all atheists are like Nagel and Campbell, not like Sartre.

by David Roemer


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"The human brain is, after all, the only known collection of matter that tries to understand itself."

Is the human brain, as collection of matter, known to understand anything?

Check this debate:
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