Monday, October 05, 2015

I'm sorry Kim Davis

It's a pity that Kim Davis is a Protestant but after the behavior of Catholic writers and even Vatican officials I don't see her converting. People- Catholics have mocked her looks, her sad past and have shied away from her like a kid in high school who joins in picking on someone only  because any amount of meanness to someone who has done you no harm is better than not being one of the cool kids. Kim Davis has a long way to go. Yes,her marital history is a problem and I would not have picked her to be the test case for defying the Supreme Court  but you know what? Not one Catholic Clerk of the Court in this whole big land, stood up or announced that they were resigning. This lady has guts. And like the heroine in the *Awakening Conscience painting she's had a glimpse of truth. God willing, she will continue on the right path.

*The painting is one of the Victorian problem picture genre. The heroine is not the man's wife but his mistress. He's given her every material comfort but suddenly to her own shock she realizes that this is not right. She bolts off his lap and we assume with goes on to a new chaste though not necessarily easy life.


elena maria vidal said...

I agree, I think people have behaved dreadfully about her and she is the only one with the courage to take a stand for Our Lord.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"She bolts off his lap and we assume with goes on to a new chaste though not necessarily easy life."

If quitting bad company had been that easy in Victorian era, there might have been no need for that journalist who "crusaded" for a raising of age of consent - to 13.

Tolkien in his essay on Fairy Stories, published in volume Tree and Leaf along with Leaf by Niggle, had a chapter about what things are more real - machines, horses or dragons.

Obviously his choice was not "machines" at the very least not over horses, and he had a few things to say about this new "civilisation".

One of them being "grim Assyrian" about its aesthetics.

Victorian age may have been Babylonian or Assyrian on more accounts than just that one.