Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So, who won the synod?

Well, I'm tempted to say, nobody except maybe the devil because he's the prince of confusion. The pope seemed very unhappy  and if we can trust the English translation, even bitter on the last day of the synod but his man, Archbishop Cupich considers the whole thing to have been a triumph. A few conservative Catholic sites are saying, "See everything is okay," but they aren't very convincing.

The synod did accomplish one thing; it made the situation in the Church clear to anyone who is not willfully blind. Many of the men who are supposed to be serving the Suffering King  don't really believe in Him or His words. They seem to be feverishly working to make the Church into something an agnostic, if not an out right atheist  could be perfectly happy with. The autopsy on this thing will go on for months but no matter what comes of this synod, stay Catholic. Go to a decent Mass, say your rosary, make use of frequent Confession and pray for your priests because they are under tremendous pressure and each one is in tremendous danger. One day, they may be told to give Communion to unrepentant adulterers and to get up in the ambo and cheer sodomy or leave the priesthood. On that day they will need us to stand by them.


DJR said...

The faithful priests won't need to "leave the priesthood." They can shake the dust from their feet and "leave the heretics."

People like Archbishop Cupich have the buildings, but a bishop that publicly states that practicing sodomites can receive Holy Communion doesn't have the Faith.

Heresy, pure and simple.

A heretical bishop has no claim to anyone's allegiance.

Joe Potillor said...

The circus finally ended? This synod has been a colossal waste of time.

Anita Moore said...

Good advice at the end, but I'd qualify it. Sometimes there isn't a decent Mass to go to. Sometimes the only thing you can do is choose the least offensive Mass there is. If so, do it. Go anyway. Number one, the obligation stands(ceteris paribus). Number two, it is still the Mass, and, as an act of Christ, retains its power. After all, gold coins kept in a dirty, filthy, smelly, moldy, rotting leather bag do not on that account cease to be gold coins.