Monday, November 09, 2015

Live in the Arlington diocese? Get to praying!

“I have much respect for gays,” including “their way of living their sexuality.”  Archbishop Jozef De Kesel

The Pope just appointed Archbishop De Kesel to  replace the retiring Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard in Belguim.  Bishop Loverde of the Arlington, Virginia diocese is retiring. He's no prize---not at all--- but I shiver at the thought of what we are going to get after him. Archbishop De Kesel sounds horrible but he is a protege of Cardinal Daneels, another horror, who is one of Pope Francis' favorites. Cardinal Wuerl in DC is another favorite the Holy Father. He will have a lot to say about who will be the new bishop of the Arlington Diocese.  If you live in the Arlington diocese storm Heaven now and plead for God's mercy.


Wendy in VA said...

You're right. Thank you for the reminder, Dymphna.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Wasn't that the guy who also was a theology thesis writer with reference to the infamous Bultmann?

According to my blog post, from a month after yours, yes:
New blog on the kid : La nomination de primas en Belgique - nouveau dérapage de Bergoglio?

For anyone who knows French.

In it I link to an English page, a somewhat misspelled online transscript of C. S. Lewis' essay Fernseed and Elephants.

If you like, that is one great introduction to why Catholics as well as Protestants do like CSL:

Fern-Seed and Elephants
C.S. Lewis