Sunday, November 29, 2015

random thoughts on a Sunday afternoon


  • Most of pop culture really is not good for us.

  • I miss my uncle. Both my mother and I  still feel restless and nervous on Sundays because we are so used to going to the nursing home.

  • Wow. The Germans are being nasty again. 
  • If you claim to be a devout Catholic but  watch Scandal or intend to watch The Night Before then you are part of the problem. That is all.

  • The Shower of Roses blog has delightful ideas for mothers and children projects.

  • Have you ever noticed that the cool kid Catholics always get mean and personally insulting if you disagree with them and if they're really mad they become just as blasphemous as a pagan? And have you noticed how many others go "Oh come on, he/she was only joking, Can't you take a joke?"

  • France and probably Germany are toast and it's' their own fault for  not having enough children to  maintain their countries. I saw a blog that had an editorial cartoon showing the Statue of Liberty grabbing a backpack and crying out, "I'm coming!," as she rushes back to France. Well they can have the statue but I hope that not a single American young man gets sent back to France for a world war rescue mission again.
  • Going to Mass in Maryland can be iffy. Going to Mass in Baltimore can be like sampling a box of chocolates. Sometimes you get the buttercreme  and sometimes you get a candy coated bug  HT Restore DC Catholicism.

  • My boss retired three months ago and no replacement has been hired. "Agatha" was annoying and could be maddening but that woman did a lot of work and I've called her at home to let her know how much respect I have for her now. 


Lola said...

I hope you and your mother can get some peace this Christmas since your uncle's passing. I know you were blessed immensely as you blessed him with your care.

Steve Dalton said...

I saw that article about the so-called cool kid. If this "kid" was a minor and acted like this within ear and eyeshot of me, his mouth would have a bar of soap in it, and his bum would be scarlet from a paddling!

Dymphna said...

Thanks Lola! Me too, Steve although I think I would've slapped his face rather than paddle.

newguy40 said...

France and probably Germany are toast and it's' their own fault for not having enough children to maintain their countries.

Add Britain as well. Most if not all of western europe will fall. It's possible that some parts of the east will survive as Christian but under Russian hegemony. I have a great respect for the Poles. They are pretty tough nuts to crack. OTH, I thought the same of Britain.

I don't know what will happen for my kids or grandchildren. But, a third euro war in 100 years? Nope. We'll sit the next one out.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Please don't call "Björn Odendahl" the Germans.

According to his name, he ought to be a countryman of myself, a Swede.