Friday, January 01, 2016

Random thoughts on 2015

  • For me and my family, 2015, was a  challenging year, not completely horrible by any means but there were huge testing moments that I've written about all year. May God have mercy on my beloved dead and may Saints Martha, Dymphna, Appollonia, Alphonsus, Martin, Jerome and Therese continue to watch out for us and pray for us.

    In Catholic blog land things were interesting as always.  

  • A member of the feminist group, Femen, has written a book rejecting the group and apologizing to  Christians for her previous behavior. IF she's sincere this is huge.  It might be one of the biggest stories of the year.

  • Michael Voris took a big hit in 2015. I gave up reading him early this year and I don't even watch his videos because I got sick of Church Militant's sometimes imprecise reporting and his Captain Ahab obsession with the SSPX but it was this video attacking Pope Benedict that turned off a lot of people who formerly sang his praises. Yes, it's undeniable that for whatever reason, Pope Benedict walked out and gave us Pope Francis but since Mr. Voris is don't-criticize-the-pope-man, people were shocked.

  • One Peter Five is one of the best Catholic sources on the Web and they did a post on Islam 101 that is worth studying.

  • The saddest thing I read all year was in a comment on another blog. An elderly person said that she stopped going to church after her cat died because a  Baptist (correctly) told her that animals do not go to Heaven. She said that if her cat wasn't there she doesn't want to go.

  • The most popular post I ever published was Should Priest's Blog?  I find that very interesting. It shows me that more than a few people are uncomfortable with celebrity priests.

  • I discovered how much fun Twitter is and then I broke down and got a Pinterest account.


Deo volente said...

Once again, Dymphna, I thank you for your exceedingly kind comments! I wish you and Rocky a Happy and Blessed New Year!


One Mad Mom said...

Thanks for the plug, Dymphna. Glad you enjoy! Have a blessed New Year! One Mad Mom

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Thanks for linking to Sara Winter. Here is my blog post in response:

New blog on the kid : Serge Blisko of Miviludes Thought Femen are not a Sectarian Phenomenon

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I am also a fan of St Corbinian's Bear.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

If you don't mind comparing notes, here is the most popular ones on the blog above, all time:

Guest Book Back Up / Livre d'Or de Réserve

8000 persons found it astonishing I made the comment section of a post an extra guest book when my usual one went down (it still is down).

After that, second most popular post only got 693 readers all time.

St Augustine was - Literally - a Young Earth Creationist and Geocentric, and he was Right

What do you think the proportion of these things says about the kind of readers I have?