Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Virgin and Her Child


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Beautiful -- makes me long for Spring.

Unknown said...

I'm instantly reminded of Michelangelo's "Pieta." The pious image had been popular long before Jan's time (though Michelangelo's only existed for less than a century when Jan was born), and since he was patronized by Cardinal Borromeo (from Milan), my guess is he'd likely even gotten to gaze upon Michelangelo's masterpiece, himself.

The images are too different from one another for me to think he'd actually modeled his after Michelangelo's though. It's not even clear that Jan the Elder even meant to draw that comparison, but it seems his son, Jan the Younger, certainly did when he bookended his father's work with this one:

He even included the two angels his father had included in the first.

Sorry - rambling. You always find such gorgeous pieces, Dymphna. Thank you for sharing them.

P.S. - The boys are great. Thanks for asking!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

The beautiful painting had two painters?