Saturday, February 13, 2016

Disgusted during Mass

On Ash Wednesday, Rocky and I went to the St. Anthony Shrine, in Ellicott City, Maryland. The shrine is beautiful and it's always good to see friars and their ushers did an excellent job with the crowd. However, the Mass was disturbing because the cantor was out of control. Before Mass she made us all practice the opening song. I saw one young man trying to pray before Mass but the cantor kept talking, and strumming her guitar so he gave up. During Mass she banged away on the guitar and sang the Hosea song which I can't stand.  If that wasn't bad enough, later during Communion she sang a damn near blasphemous, drippy, moan and wail song that sounded like a woman talking about her lover.  It would have been perfect as a cabaret performance in a dark room but it didn't belong in a church. The whole Jesus-is-my-boyfriend genre of Protestantized hymns is revolting. I cannot imagine a man singing this crap and not only did I refuse to sing it but I felt uneasy hearing it.
On whole, the music completely overshadowed the Mass. It was a relief when Father stood up to give the homily because  there was no humming or strumming for a few minutes. After Mass as the cantor was leaving she remarked to Father that the Mass of Creation went really well with the music she chose. Think about that for a minute. Ugh!


Roseanna Hatke said...

Hosea..the song about a husband asking his promiscuous wife to "come back to him" so they can start their new love together. That was a song at our Mass today also. Kind of made me gag. Actually I was so upset and angry with the cabaret style musical performances I did not feel worthy to receive the Eucharist. Cardinal Sarah!! I hope you are our next Pope!

TLM said...

I'm late jumping in here on this subject, but I can totally relate to very 'distasteful' music at Holy Mass. Not too long ago we were treated to one of the soloists in our Choir belting out a Baptist Hymnal at Communion. And I mean LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS!! The only thing missing was the Congregation clapping along. I cringed all the way up to receive and am more than sure that Our poor Lord and Savior was cringing as well!! I have heard the argument that 'music' isn't all that important and one shouldn't avoid a Parish just because of it, but I am here to say that bad music makes a mockery out of the Mass. I would rather have NO MUSIC that to treat Our Lord in this horrid manner.