Monday, February 08, 2016

Our participation in the Mass

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

When I looked at this, it made me realize how wrong it is to say people didn't participate in the TLM. I am more focused when I attend the Latin Mass for several reasons. First, there are fewer distractions. The priest having his back to the congregation spares us (and him) the temptation to be a joking showman. Second, the preparation at the beginning of the Mass (prayers at the foot of the altar) are like a magnifying glass emphasizing what it is we are about to do and the necessity to spiritually prepare and enter in. Third, everything in the Mass emphasizes the sacrifice of Calvary. It is easy at the Novus Ordo to lose sight of that. And finally, the prayers after Mass remind us of what we have just done and to thank God for it. Thank you, Dymphna, for the great reminder!