Monday, November 07, 2016

The Rockford diocese video is not cute. In fact it's embarrassing.

This is not cute. In fact it's very disturbing.  Seeing  a priest sing along to Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, Lil Jon* and Justin Timberlake songs reminds me of when  I was a teenager and absolutely appalled  when my 12th grade religion teacher, Brother Ray or any of my high school nuns  tried to act like kids. Their attempts at being hipsters did not inspire me. In fact, by the time I graduated I had lost respect for Brother Ray and mostly pitied him. If you want  to inspire your son to think about a religious vocation I wouldn't show him this video. Hand him a book on the lives of some definitely not cool priests instead. 

St. Ignatius of Antioch,  Blesseds Zenon and Ivan, Sts. John Vianney and John Fisher, pray for us. 

* The Lil Jon song is "Turn Down For What?" The phrase "turn down" means stop drinking or using drugs and get sober. The protagonist in the song is saying that he is having a great time and doesn't see a reason to clean himself up and get off whatever mood altering substance he is on. The official video to the song is pornographic.  Do you think it's cute for your priest to be singing a song like this?


Adrienne said...

Okay - that is so nasty (and embarrassing.) What's with the one priest chawing open-mouthed on a piece of gum?

Edison Frisbee said...

Just look a the minds of mush applauding it.... (on YouTube)

newguy40 said...

I, too, was surprised at how this was applauded. Embarrassing is a kind word for it.

++Seperately, again so disappointed at the priests I encounter. I know they have difficult job balancing but the lack of courage and leadership is so discouraging. Our Indian priest has to tell us how he isn't a citizen so +chuckle+ he can't comment on tuesday's election. And, if you were a poorly catechized Catholic, you'd be hearing about how "we all long to be with our departed family and friends who are in heaven." In all honesty, he did mention purgatory and the need for prayer. But, it was so subsumed by the everyone is in heaven mantra. Four last things? Huh? What's that ?

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Agreed. Why people seem to think it's "cute" to see priests degrading themselvs and their collars is beyond me.