Sunday, July 09, 2017

Fr. Martin and the whirlpool

Fr. James Martin, S.J. who is well known for his obsessions with worldly things recently said  that homosexual priests should come out and tell their parishes so everyone can see that a man who is attracted to other males can live chastely.  I sighed when I read this. In most parishes with a homosexual priest most of the non sheltered adults are already aware of it. Years ago Rocky and I were in another town and went to Mass. The priest behaved like an flirty old actress playing a part written for an ingenue. After Mass a number of ladies gathered round him to giggle and coo. Except for the sacristan and the security guard (this was a tough part of town) and Rocky who stayed with me to pray, all the men who were at Mass left. Able bodied men, men on walkers, and men with canes just about got into a flying wedge formation in the rush to get out.

The old men, who have seen life, the young and not so young single men, and the fathers are not going to happily follow one of Father Martin's friends. Many of them won't say a word about it except in the most noncommittal, vague way. They will simply either leave the parish, leave the Church, or if their wives give them too much trouble about that they will  use the passive resistance method of withdrawing from parish life. They will attend Mass and stampede for the door as soon as the recessional hymn starts playing. No amount of nagging or haranguing them not being involved enough will move them. A few men will take the Barnhardt position and will make some listeners squirm and gasp as they get graphic about the supposedly harmlessness of Father Martin's friend why they don't believe in  it. These few will be quickly dismissed and ignored for being "mean" and crude but they will cause a ripple and the polite men quietly withdrawing will be a whirlpool.


Catechist Kev said...

Dear Dymphna,

You have described, in this small but power-packed post, *the problem* (in many circles, it seems) of the... modern Church. (I hate to use the word "modern", but I cannot think of a better one)

About 10-15 years ago I asked my father to come back to the Church and go to Mass. His story is rather complex (as many can be), but he could not receive holy communion.

To my surprise he did! After some time he made a comment to me about our then pastor. (My father rarely, if ever, talked about "church things"... that's the way he was.) What did he say? He said, "Father so-and-so is rather flamboyant 'up there' isn't he?"


It would take a lot of lingual/mental gymnastics to deny what my father was talking about. Was our priest gay? Could not tell you. There was never any overt behavior to "prove" it. (e.g. close "buddy" or the like) No. He just acted... somewhat effeminate - and this bothered my father.

So to the point of how your post hit home for me, Dymphna:

What average heterosexual, beer swilling, football loving, blue collar man would want to have, as their shepherd in Christ, *be* their pastor if said pastor is a homosexual?

(another sigh)

And this is what we are dealing with. As Charlie Brown would say... good grief.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And add to this the fact that the sanctuary is FILLED WITH WOMEN. Our (female) organist recruits and assigns the lectors (Not sure about the LEMs.) They are almost all teenage girls and women. My husband is a lector and is hardly ever assigned -- too many women. No wonder men are leaving in droves.

I was asked to be a lector at one point and said I thought there were too many women in the sanctuary already. I did become a LEM for one of the nursing homes, and what a blessing to visit with those dear ones, the vulnerable and often forgotten. But I refused to distribute Communion at Mass. (Most of the LEMs at Mass are also women.) The situation in the Church is just sad. I pray every day to persevere in the faith, because it would be so easy to wash my hands of all the corrupt men leading the Church. But her head is Jesus Christ and there is nowhere else to go, as Peter pointed out.

Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.

Stabat Mater said...

All the women all around the altar played a BIG part in our going to the TLM. My little boy behaved differently during Mass even as a toddler whenever there were altar "girls." There are too many occurences to type here, and when it first happened I thought it was my imagination. However, the boy still cringes if a woman has the audacity to walk into the sacristy. A rare occurrence at my parish, thanks be to GOD, but his natural aversion from such a young age, before speaking, and certinly before I was having a hissy fit about it, has always amazed me. Out of the mouths of babes...

Don't worry, he likes women, and he's very respectful. He just knows their place is NOT at Our Lord's altar. And as one the Almighty delivered from the clutches of feminism, I am completely delighted at his chauvinism in defense of the priesthood! Rightly ordered men-- just what Holy Mother Church needs!!!