Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Haiti tale

When I was a girl, one of my mother's friends was from Haiti. "Marie" and her family fled the country back in Papa Doc's day.  She would visit but being educated, despising voodoo and freedom loving she and her family had no intention of ever going back to stay more than a few days. When I was a teenager "Marie's" only sister was murdered in Haiti. Her body was cut up and stuffed in a barrel. I don't recall if anything was stolen  from her home. "Marie" went back to arrange the funeral but did not allow her children to come with her. She buried her sister, asked no questions, made no waves and fled back to Maryland on the first flight out. She told my mother that she would never set foot in Haiti again and she did not.

If you go to Haiti to volunteer do not eat anything but packaged food. Do not drink anything but bottled liquid. Do not go anywhere alone, especially if you are a woman. Do not ask questions about voodoo. Every Haitian I have ever met expressed love for their country but being realists don't want to go back---ever for anything. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, patroness of Haiti, pray for us.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

So sad. One should be able to live and thrive in one's own country. I'm afraid that soon very few of us will be able to experience that. In some parts of the U.S. Islam is taking over and soon Muslims will be numerous enough to take over some local government. We have mosques in Front Royal and Harrisonburg. Here's just one article about a group committed to electing Muslims in Chicago.

It is so ironic that liberals support this. When they are faced with the imposition of Sharia Law and the discrimination against the dhimmi ( I wonder what pro-gay liberals will say when their efforts result in a government where women are required to where the hijab and gays are executed. I think voodoo and Islam both originate from the same place -- the bowels of hell!

Lola said...

I know two ladies who were originally from Haiti. Although they have never told me a similar tale, they love living here in the US. Both ladies are such faith filled women, I am ashamed.

Recently I heard on Sensus Fidelium one of the priests suggested blessing one's food before eating especially when out at restaurants. I'm not certain if that is what you are referring to with the food prepared in Haiti, but here in my little town, we bless our food first because of all the occult activity going on in the youth here in town.