Saturday, January 20, 2018

Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon

  • Last week a woman posted a video of her husband sliding down the drive way  and finally falling and slamming into the mailbox. She said he was unhurt and fine with her posting the video and the thing went viral. It is funny but only until you stop to think about it.  This woman turned her husband into a figure of fun for thousands of people around the country.  Is that respectful? Is that loving? Would she have mocked her neighbors like that? If the husband had thought it was cute to show the world a  video of her slipping and trying frantically not to fall would people laugh or would they criticize him? Why is mocking your husband in public so acceptable?

  • St. Mary's in Old Town, Alexandria has been made a minor basilica.   That gives us two in Virginia. The other one is in Norfolk. Rocky and I have been to St. Mary's many times and we visited the Basilica of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception once on vacation.

  • We had a lot of  young college age visitors at Mass this week because of the March for Life. That was very nice to see.

  • My brother-in-law invited us to his wedding. Since he is already married and because he's told us how much he dislikes us we looked at the invitation is some wonder and  did not attend.  Was it awkward? Not really. We haven't heard a word of complaint from him. 

  • It's time for a revival of the beguine option.  The current pope doesn't seem too friendly to cloistered nuns or monks and the religious orders are subject to the whims of tradition hating bishops. In Oklahoma the bishop ordered a fledgling order to leave his diocese and in Texas a bishop ordered the Poor Clare nuns in his diocese to leave. This is going to keep on happening but lay men or women who live together and serve God would not be subject to any shenanigans. Let's say three or four lay women move into a house or apartment together and go to Mass, volunteer to visit the parish sick, and privately choose celibacy there is nothing the most liberal bishop can do about it.  A priest who has nothing to say about two male parishioners holding hands and kissing on church grounds wouldn't have a leg to stand on in he decided to harass the devout men and their roommates who come to Adoration or say the Little Office together at church. 


M. Prodigal said...

I have read that some faithful, traditional sisters who were recently forced from their vows by the Vatican are living in community and living their charism as lay people. They have 'funny' dresses (habits) and have no canonical standing but at least they cannot be shut down by the corrupt modernists.

newguy40 said...

Men have been programmed over the past 30-40 years to play the boob. Especially true of white fathers. I admit to a great deal of pleasure watching old movies and TV shows. One merely has to compare how fathers were portrayed in Andy Griffiths Show and Leave it to Beaver and then on to Archie Bunker in All in the Family. I'm not sure what shows pass for "family" now. I stopped watching new shows ~1990.

David L Alexander said...

Regarding the first item, it seems the College has responded to these vicious attacks by the Fishers. The following is to be found on the College website.

+ + +

College Executive Vice President Offers to Meet with Victims

Following recent alumni accounts of administrative mishandling of sexual assault reporting at Christendom College, the administration has ordered a thorough review of their policies and resources for cases of sexual assault and harassment. The College has issued an official apology to the victims and their families, and has reaffirmed its commitment to ensure the people from whom its students are seeking assistance are equipped with training, resources, and the capacity to respond to a victim’s needs with compassion, knowledge, and the ability to help.

“We have failed some of our students,” said Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, Christendom College’s president. “I am grateful to each woman who has come forward with her story. We need to hear you and your experience. Disclosing abuse and its aftermath is painful and difficult, and it takes a tremendous amount of courage. To those students who have been harmed, I am deeply sorry. We will do better.”

Ken Ferguson, executive vice president of Christendom College, has offered to meet personally with each and every victim in the presence of a certified trauma counselor. Anyone who wishes to meet is welcome to bring her own support personnel as well.

“We invite these victims to come forward and be heard,” said Ferguson. “We value their insight on concrete ways we can make this campus as safe as possible for women. And we ask, if possible, for their forgiveness. I want to extend my gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Fisher for giving these women a platform to share their voices with us.”

Additionally, the College has hired experts to review campus compliance with best practices in sexual assault and harassment. Christendom revised its protocols in recent years and is constantly reviewing these protocols to ensure they are effective when a student reports sexual assault or harassment.

“Since I arrived four years ago, I have thrown myself into improving campus life for the student body,” said Ferguson. “We recently established a new wellness initiative so that any student who needs these services has ready access to them. We’re expanding that initiative to include trauma counseling and support for Christendom students and alumni who have suffered sexual assault.”

Those seeking to meet are invited to reach out to Ken Ferguson at (540-636-2900) or by email at

+ + +

Tomorrow (Friday the 26th) is being set aside by the College for a day of prayer and fasting.