Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Did you ever wonder about those unaccompanied "migrant" kids?

Once, many years ago I overheard a woman attorney talking to a friend. She said that she was very angry at her husband because he procrastinated on fixing it so that their nanny could be a legal resident of the US and now they were going to have to let the poor woman go because of the husband's new job required a background check. This woman was making over 100K but she was too cheap to hire a legal nanny. When this woman left for another job I was very happy.

 Did you ever stop to wonder if your boss's or friend's illegal alien nanny gets paid a decent wage? Did you ever wonder who is taking care of the nanny's children since she works 6 days a week? Consider for a moment, the question of  how her children got to the US if they weren't born here? What horrors were witnessed or visited upon those children while being smuggled here?  Did you ever wonder if her children even made it to her place at all? How many of those unaccompanied children actually end up being sold at certain parties, truck stops, gas stations and on the streets? People shrug their shoulders and some joke but this is a horror.


Anita Moore said...

Illegal immigration should be framed in terms of slavery. It is in fact an end-run around the Thirteenth Amendment. The dead giveaway is the old canard about illegal immigrants doing jobs Americans won’t do. That’s a lie. Americans always have done those jobs. What Americans won’t do is do them for 15 cents an hour, or whatever is the current going rate for slave labor.

And while we’re on the subject, defrauding a worker of his wages is still one of the sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance.

newguy40 said...

Maybe the "illegal" nanny should have stayed in their legal country of origin? How about that instead of the constant laments of "the children! the children".

I have exactly zero sympathy for either the lawyer or the illegal nanny. I personally hold very low regard for any woman who abandons her children for a buck.