Saturday, August 04, 2018

McCarrick fallout

Years ago a co-worker of mine noticed that I was Catholic and happily told me that he was as well. He was an altar server at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception for high Masses and told me that Cardinal McCarrick was the most political man he'd ever met. I asked how so and he told me a tale. My co-worker was coming out of the sacristy and greeted Cardinal McCarrick in the hall. The cardinal asked him who was in the sacristy, what they were talking about and what kind of rings they were wearing. My co-worker told him and then the cardinal took a jewelry case or pouch (my co-worker may have specified but I can't recall that) from his pocket and picked from the collection an episcopal ring that most resembled the ones that the other bishops were wearing and put it on. He was ready and sailed in to charm everyone.

I myself, once met the cardinal on the street  near the DC Cathedral and  I was surprised to find him all alone. I'd read stories about the cardinal and the beach house by that time and found myself expecting to see some sign of it in his face and manner but of course I didn't. He did not behave anything like the white collar homosexual men I see everyday on the street downtown or any of the flamboyant priests I've come across. He is a remarkable, well trained chameleon.

What is interesting and hopeful is that the laity is not reacting to Cardinal McCarrick like most of us  did in 2002.  The bishops can hold another meeting and update the Dallas charter again but that won't cut it this time. People are not dropping this. They are asking awkward questions about who enabled Cardinal McCarrick and who rose high because they were close to him. I've also read a lot of discussions about protesting by withholding money, demanding lay oversight of known problem seminaries and  the feasibility of lay people buying convents and church buildings to keep them from being sold off to pay secret settlements.

Besides these there have been a few naive calls for married priests as if being forced to marry would actually keep a homosexual chaste. My mother's family are Southern Baptists. In the subset of their denomination no-one can become a pastor without having a wife. This is to avoid dating problems with young ministers. Interestingly enough, the deacons of my family's church broke this rule when they hired the current pastor. That caused a great deal of upset and later the reverend's search for a mate darn near split the congregation and resentments still simmer. One old man even told the reverend to leave when he showed up for a sick call at the old man's house with his girlfriend in tow. Sick calls with the reverend are a duty of the church's First Lady or members of the shut in ministry and the old congregation member was shocked and angry.

 To avoid all this hullabaloo many young ministers get married in the seminary. Not all of these marriages are love matches. It's not unheard of for a minister who wants to lead his own  congregation to get married to a woman who he thinks will make a good First Lady and hope for the best. He may come to love her later or he may find "comfort" elsewhere but he's not going to get his own church without her. A man who is determined to do something, will. If a predator has to get married to have a perfect disguise while he preys on the innocent, he will.

The important thing this go round is that people are talking amongst themselves and talking back to bishops and priests who try to smooth this over or act as if McCarrick was a complete surprise and a one time fluke.


Lynne said...

If a predator has to get married to have a perfect disguise while he preys on the innocent, he will.

Wow, I hadn't even thought of that. I'm not a fan of married priests anyways.

Kathleen1031 said...

People have notoriously short memories and all gets forgiven fairly quickly. But not this time. In 2002 and earlier times it was considered there were a few homosexuals, but the dots had not truly been connected to boy molestation in the sacristy and the presence of those homosexuals. Goodbye Good Men helped open a lot of eyes to the problem in the church overall and why we have as many homosexual priests as we do. If the church were really serious about this they would have made it a bar to seminary if a young man had any homosexual inclinations and if they got the boot when discovered, but the opposite happened, which is why we have "Lavendar" seminaries.
But what makes our time unique is that the faithful Catholics are fed up with the heavy dose of heresy and pederasty we have been given. They got greedy, they didn't pick their poison they wanted two poisons, to diddle little boys and disassemble the church. Catholics have grown fed up with both, and with them for bringing it. Speaking personally, we are pretty much lifelong Catholics, although we got a late start and technically, I'm a convert. Suffice to say for decades we have attended weekly Mass and tried to do our part. We have loved the church and the Catholic faith.
We have had it with all of this. Too many boy's lives ruined. We know first hand the devastation of a same-sex sexual molestation, and we are sickened by the idea of even one priest doing this. We can't close our eyes to it anymore. The John Jay College study proved this is a homosexual predator priest problem. If 81% of the victims over the decades were post-adolescent males from about age 11 to 17, that ends discussion. This is not a pedophilia problem, as the perps like to portray it, it is a homosexual man problem. Pederasty is a practice for gay men back to the ancient world. Add to that the relentless novelties and abuses of this papacy and the Communist front group the USCCB and the bishops...and you have a powder keg, that the Bishops seem blissfully unaware of.
We are almost at nil for church support, and the only reason we attend or give any pittance is we have the TLM in our church. When that gets yanked, and it will (we are treated like bad stepchildren already), we are out. We believe Catholics have almost no power to change this situation, but what we do have, we better put in the mix. It may accomplish nothing, but it's not nothing.
Attendance, or not.
Financial support, or not.
Talking about it and informing other Catholics.
Keeping it alive by telling our bishops and priests.
Blogging and commenting. Never let em rest. Out the sodomites where you can.
It's a sad state, but never hopeless. Even if the church goes up in flames today, we have Christ as our Saviour and Redeemer, so we are never alone. These men are hirelings. We can go on without them if we need to.

TLM said...

Boy Kathleen, can I relate. One thing I will add though: Some of these diabolical predators molest BOTH young boys AND seminarians....they're not really picky. They're just plain evil men. Let me try and find a post from this weekend's bulletin that a Pastor put online: "Why don't Priests blow the whistle?" He explains a lot of it. And it's not only what he explains from behind the scenes, but as Fr. RT explains: They find an orthodox priest to hear their confession. (of which the idea is not to repent at all, but to hold their molestation hostage via the confessional so that priest cannot report anything, bound by the seal) These men are beyond evil. And the Bishops (if you so wish to call them Bishops) are at the top of that food chain.

Don't have a TLM that's terribly close, close enough in another diocese, but I'm not so crazy about the Parish as they seem to be Pope Francis fans, so....?? Anyway I reluctantly went to a local parish's N.O. Mass yesterday because of time constraints, and fought with myself all the way. Couldn't even receive Communion, as I was in no disposition to. Received a 'Spiritual Communion'. All I kept saying to Jesus was: "I am ONLY HERE FOR YOU AND YOU ONLY"....and somehow made it thru Mass. The priest kept talking about how important 'forgiveness is' and everyone knew what he was referring to. Just love how they try and hold us hostage emotionally & spiritually with all the virtues talk while at the same time they're sodomizing the faithful spiritually and our boys physically and every other way but loose! "Now you people behave and forgive and forget like Jesus wants you to, while we continue to rape you all and everything will be just fine." This really isn't my Church anymore, but I'm not sure where we are going to go to get the sacraments we need. I just keep praying God will guide us all. He KNOWS the situation we're all in.

Oh....found the link in case none of you have read it yet:

packin' sarcasm among other things said...

Married Priests? No thanks. Look up Rock Hudson and his "marriage".

Lola said...

Wow, does the "First Lady" also draw a salary for all her duties? If not, why not?

I had worked for a conservative Protestant publishing company many years ago. One of the things that was shared with me was the pathetic salaries the ministers received requiring MOST of their wives to work outside the home, in addition to church duties even if they had small children. One wife worked with my mother and said that there had not been one Christmas where her husband was home after Services. He was often called away to tend to a crisis in someone else's family. We're talking where 'someone pulled a gun on another family member at the Christmas dinner' sort of crisis, and couldn't the pastor come over "right now"!

This sickness in our midst is beyond fixing with only allowing for marriage in the priesthood. The only thing I can think that will be a good start is cleaning house. We might end up with bishops taken from the pool of young priests as well as elderly priests who were over looked because they weren't politically savvy enough being busy with tending their forgotten poor parishes.

I thought, naively, that when this was in the news in the early 2000s and all the 'safe' classes were instituted, and I took them for volunteering with CCD, that the worst was behind us! Nope the infection was still raging.

Dymphna said...

Lola, in my mother's family's church the First Lady is not paid. A previous First Lady did work outside the home but that caused some murmuring because the poor young woman was not available to the congregation during her work hours.