Sunday, October 30, 2005

Goodnight Harriet

Corporal Miers, having taken a gut shot for the big guy was finally allowed to withdraw to the rear. I don't know if she would've made a good Supreme Court justice. I don't know if she would've done well in the Senate hearings, in fact I doubt it, but I am very sad at how this woman was treated by her fellow republicans. She was called Caligula's horse, Barney the dog, the cleaning lady, and was sarcasticly referred to as a 60 year old virgin. There was also ugly talk of lesbianism. Her supporters were called crude and kool-aid drinkers. The smartie pants at National Review Online are still doing the Snoopy Dance because Miers withdrew her name from consideration but I think this is a phyrric victory. Don't expect the Miers supporters to forgive and forget. There are a lot of bitter people out there right now.

Saturday in Old Town

I went to the Daughters of St. Paul bookstore in Old Town, Alexandria. It's very nice. The nuns are kind and patient but I always felt it lacked something. Today I finally was able to figure out what that is: Tradition. You can buy new Catholic books thre. You can buy all kinds of bibles except the Duay Rheims. You can buy stuff on Medjugorje and the charismatics but they only have one book on purgatory and it's a poor book at that. The store is geared towards people who practice Catholicism lite. If you want serious works, or great classics the only option is Tan Books online or Roman Catholic Books.

Later I went to confession at St. Mary's a few blocks away. The line was long but it moved lightning fast. People were going in and coming out like pinballs. Some of them looked perplexed. When I got into the confessional I understood why. The priest didn't speak to me at all except to give me my pennace. The whole thing took less than five minutes and that was mostly me confessing.

I was shocked but God works things out in ways we can't understand. I had some painful things to confess and perhaps it's best that the priest obviously wasn't paying me any attention. The sacrament was still valid and all that stuff is wiped away and off my soul. That's all that really counts.

Religion of Peace?

Yeah, right.

These young ladies are martyrs. You can see for yourself (upsetting photos) what happens when the ROP is taken to its logical conclusion.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

He Saved Me

Some times when I go to adore the Blessed Sacrament I have to fight the urge to fall to the floor and to weep for sorrow at my past sins and in thanksgiving for the rescue mission Jesus went on to save me.

You can make an online visit to an adoration chapel here : Savior

Bible pictures

When I was a kid I had a picture Bible and today I found out who the artist was and that there's a whole site dedicated to his work. Neat.

Anne Rice's Jesus Book Anne Rice has written a book about the Christ's life in Egypt from his baby days until he's about 7.Somehow I don't think this is going to be like anything that Archbishop Fulton Sheen would've written.
Anne Rice is famous for her vampire stories and she used to write super nasty porn. She's apparently come back to the church. Thank God for that but I'm not rushing out to buy the book until I've read several reviews by solid conservative Catholics.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

chapel veil

I wore my chapel veil (It's a bitty thing made of black acrylic lace. In order to notice it on my dark hair you'd have to be staring at me) to Mass yesterday and noticed an odd thing. Nobody paid me any attention except for a few old women of baby boomer age who gave sour looks. Isn't this the if it feels good do it generation? I thought they believed in living and letting live?

The Catholic Net

I've been looking for a place other than Open Book to read about Catholic news and such . I still havent' found it but it my search I've come across soem really good things.

Father McCloskey This Opus Dei priest used to be at the DC Catholic Information Center. He's still in DC and writes beautifully.

Catholicity. These folks have wonderful apologetics and evangelism CDs for just a $1 donation.

Tan Books. I owe the Tan people a lot. Like most kids who came up in the 80s I was badly catechized. I didn't really learn about the Faith until I picked up a Tan books catalog and began ordering.

Roman Catholic Books. They are a publisher of some of the finest Catholic books I've ever read. Including The Life of Christ, the greatest book on our Lord ever written.

Father John Corapi. Wow! He preaches "real mighty!"

EWTN. Of course.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Cardinal McCarrick

I live in VA but I joined a parish in DC because the Arlington Diocese ( It's a big ole diocese ; it covers from Alexandria to the Shennandoah Valley. The rest of Virginia belongs to the Richmond diocese.) is too messed up and has too much funky weirdness going unchecked. Cardinal McCarrick, whom I like (he reminds me of a happy elf and he is very kind) sucked up to King Abdullah at a Catholic Univeristy lunch by invoking the name of allah. I was sad about that. Magesterial Fidelity and American Prower has the story.

Harriet Miers

To be honest, I'm ambivalent. When Americans start worrying about what's going on in their own homes as opposed to the White House we'll all be a lot better off. A judge is just a lawyer and a lawyer is just a guy or girl who passed all the tests in law school. I've spent most of my life working in law firms and some of the people I've met are so messed up and so miserable that I wouldn't want to be them for anything. Some people are against Harriet Miers because she didn't go to Harvard or Yale. I've known several people from those schools. A few were brilliant. Others were nothing special. Two were darn near insane. Who cares what college a person went to? How precious and elitist. I thought we left that crap in England.

Besides it hardly matters who'se on the court bench anyway. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land. It will not change. It will not change because we Christians failed. If we can change people's hearts then and only then will the majority of the nation will want the law changed.