Friday, November 27, 2009

the Manhattan Declaration

Here is the Manhattan Declaration. So far, 12 bishops have signed their signatures to it. UPDATE --- Restore DC Catholicism, a blog I respect has a critical evaluation of the Manhattan Declaration that is worth consideration.

Fear nobody but His Majesty in Heaven

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trad spokesmen need to do better

Years ago, I read and enjoyed two of Scott Hahn's earlier books but after his comments on traditionally minded Catholics and the Tridentine Mass I don't care for him anymore. I feel uneasy about lay people making their living from talking or writing about the Church. I don't like the cult of personality that has sprung up around a number of these people. I cringe when I hear someone say, "Well Christopher West says, or Scott Hahn says..... so it must be right."

I am uncomfortable when recent converts stand up and make a career out of preaching to Catholics. St. Paul spent three years in the dessert praying and learning after he was knocked off his horse. And he didn't make any coin off of evangelizing.

Having said all that I really was shocked at this post on another blog. Attack Scott Hahn, if you want, on the grounds that his theology isn't right, or that his books are too pop Catholic lite, or make any other reasoned argument you want but this blogger came off as well.. bitter, unreasonbly angry, envious, frankly, a little nuts. As I read his piece I kept asking myself 'Dude, if you hate Scott Hahn so much then why did you go hear him talk?'

If you repulse people, even sympathetic people because you sound unhinged then you've failed to make your point. I see this kind of thing on Angelqueen all the time, vast amounts of anger and something close to hatred. That doesnt' work. What the traditionalist camp needs is visible happy warriors. As Teddy Roosevelt once said, I like a man who grins when he fights. Show people how much your life has changed for the better since you found the Tridentine Mass or since you finnally found a reverent NO Mass. Talk about your love for the Church, our Mother. She may act like a menopausal woman who's decided to go to a rave party but she is our Mother and we need to love her and stand by her even at the point of dying. Point out what's wrong, like St. Catherine of Sienna or St. Athanatius, but don't give in to despair and incoherent rage.

I read an Angelqueen posting by one guy who spewed venom on the Holy Father, (and he lost me right there), and anyone who attends a NO Mass. This guy forgot that most Catholics have never had access to a Tridentine Mass and unless their bishops are obedient they never will. He cheerfully, gleefully consigned all those folks to hell. I ask you, why would anyone want to hang out with a person like that?

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for the four bishops who did not allow a Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection in their dioceses.

I'm thankful to have Rocky as my husband.

I'm thankful to live in America. Our president constantly runs our country down but if you ever doubt that this is the best country on earth just chat with your immigrant neighbors. Some risked their lives to make it to this "mean" country, as Mrs. Obama once called it. Others have spent huge amounts of money, study and years of effort to become citizens. All of them would scream and wail if you ever tried to send them home permanently.

I'm thankful that my mother will be with us for Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm thankful for Bishop Tobin of Rhode Island.

I'm thankful for women like Mary Ann Kreitzer

I'm really thankful that my vacum cleaner works because I haven't (blush) touched it all month.

I'm thankful that my Church is under constant attack in the media. Yes, really. They hate the Church because it is the One, Holy and Catholic and Apolstolic church. They hate Jesus and so they hate His bride, the Church. Nobody makes fun of Jehovah's Witnesses or Mennonites.Why? Because those groups are no threat to the world, the flesh and the devil. I take comfort in being in Peter's boat.

I'm thankful for a few days off from work because I really need the break.

One more thing, please pray for us. Rocky's people are also coming to Thanksgiving dinner. UPDATE ----Dinner went fine. Big Daddy, my father-in-law was a perfect gentleman. Thank you, Lord!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh Catholic bride--- put your clothes on.

Rod and I went to a wedding last night. I didn't want to go but the groom is a friend of Rocky's so I had to and once I got there it was fine. I won't say what church it was for reasons that will be obvious in a second.

What is this thing that Catholic girls seem to have about strapless wedding dresses? The bride's dress was lovely but we didn't need to see her semi naked self. Ladies save your candy for the bedroom. You are making a life long vow before Christ, the King. Show Him respect. And the bride was not entirely kind to the fatter bridesmaids. They didn't need the plunging front and back necklines or the sleeveless gowns either. Oh well, the reception was great.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Sunday please don't give to the CCHD collection

The Catholic Campaign for Human Developement gives your money to non Catholic, frequently non Christian organizations. This Sunday ignore the second collection and give to a real Catholic charity of your choice. Here are some of my favorites.

The Edmundite Missions

Little Sisters of the Poor

La Salle Academy

St. Labre Indian School

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Be like Mary, run to Jesus

This is one of the most powerful moments of Passion of the Christ. One of these days I hope to be able to run to Jesus and I hope He's pleased to see me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Novus Ordo Mass like I've never seen it before.

I saw this on the Catholic Knight blog.

Mass tonight and raggedy thoughts

The stained glass windows look peacock blue when Mass starts in the Winter. By the time Father gets to the gospel the windows look black and you can suddenly appreciate the intricate masonry. The music tonight was lovely. The cantor was in fine voice , our new altar boy is tiny and cute as a button, and although we had a pack of babies in attendence they were all cheerful, fed, watered and dry bottomed. Nobody screamed, nobody had a tantrum and nobody threw anything.

I was quite impressed to see three young men who arrived well before Mass. One was in his 20s the others looked like they were in there 30s. One sat behind us and his responses were in exquisite Latin. Ladies there are young, suitable for marriage, heterosexuals in the pews and if for some reason your parish doesn't attract men you need to go to another one because something unhealthy is happening at yours.

Fr. Frodo gave a scholarly homily and once again I was struck by how smart he is. We are incredibly lucky to have someone with that kind of brain for our parochial vicar.

So many Catholics consume priests like Ipods, or hamburgers; something that should satisfy us but we never say thanks. We never pray for the priest or encourage him and Lord knows we complain, complain, complain. Usually about stupid stuff. Fr. didn't praise your altar floral arrangement? Well of course, not dear. Very few normal men give a hoot about flowers. Fr. was short with you when you dropped in on him at the rectory? Well maybe, he was trying to get to the hospice to see old Mrs. Magillacudy before she dies and why were you dropping in unannounced on a priest anyway? Fr. corrected you for splashing the Precious Blood all over the sink in the sacristy? Good! You weren't supposed to do that and you shouldn't be a eurcharistic minister if you're going to be that sloppy and sacreligious. Fr. asked you to stop wearing those butt crack jeans to Mass? You should've already been ashamed before he even spoke.

If you have a good priest and he loves the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, give thanks to God.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I don't go to Mass for the sake of the organist

I thought the purpose of Mass was Adoration, Thanksgiving, Atonement, Petition but apparently one of the New Liturgical Movement blogggers thinks there's a fifth purpose: boosting the musician's ego. There was a post arguing that it is mean and in bad taste to leave the Church while the organist is still playing the after Mass music. Nuts to that!

When the priest says "Go! The Mass is finished," and he walks out you can leave. I stay to say my thanksgiving prayers, Rocky usually talks to Father Theoden or Father Frodo or he helps carry something into the sacristy but we aren't hanging around to hear the music.

Our organist is actually a sensible man. He plays just enough to get Father out the door and then he quits. If your organist is playing 5 or more verses after Mass and Fatehr has long gone there is no reason in the world indulge him. It may be bad taste to leave but Holy Mother Church doesn't say we have to stay until the organist is done. Gee whiz.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Ft. Hood

I'm not a crying sort but I would like to weep now.

We really are doomed as a nation unless we slay the Politcal Correctness dragon and PDQ.

Fr. Cappadono,
Fr. Emil,
St. Martin
St. Michael, pray for the wounded and the slain.