Thursday, March 31, 2022

Ask Your Husband--- and other random thoughts

  •  Although I do NOT want to give my money to either of  the Gordon brothers I have become increasingly curious about Stephanie Gordon's book, Ask Your Husband, to see what the fuss (from people I respect and a few that I don't), is all about. I'm too late. Tan publishing has pulled the book due to a plagiarism accusation from a surprising source and it's not available for immediate purchase on Amazon. The next Gordon family reunion is going to be bit strained, I'm guessing. If I can find a used copy I may still try to get it. The sad thing is; a good, non-stuffy, highly readable  book on Christian feminism and why it's evil is needed. Hopefully one day, we'll get one. 

  • If I hear that "But the rank and file are still decent men and women and on our side," idiotic line one more time.....

  • Y'all know that Oscar's slap was fake as pro wrassling, right? 

  • Hey Maryland.   Joe at the Washington DC Catholic blog has posted a Tweet a Maryland legislature bill that should disturb you. Have your bishops or your parish priest said anything about this? You can also read about this on the Restore DC Catholicism blog. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Another squishy consecration

 God knocked Saul off his high horse and adjusted Balaam's attitude so anything is possible. With that in mind,  I had planned to wait until Francis did his version of consecrating Russia before writing anything but the text of the consecration has been released and it's going to be another half assed one like all the others before it.