Thursday, May 18, 2023

The Taylor Marshall Presidential Bid Is Ridiculous

I like Fr. Nix. He's a loyal friend to Taylor Marshall so although I think he's making a mistake, I get why he's defending Marshall's ridiculous bid to run for president.  Dr. Marshall is in for a nasty surprise. He's a big fish in a small pond but he's going to get chewed up and spat out in the secular political media milieu.  Marshall is used to either fawning attention or hysterical attacks from people who can't articulate why they don't like him. He's never been patted on the head and gotten the patronizing treatment some give to their eccentric but harmless relatives.  He's also never faced an absolutely vicious attack by political operatives who have the ability to dig into his distant past, his finances, harass his family or search for bitter ex-girlfriends. 

Anne Barnhardt had several things to say about his decision and I have to agree. This is a publicity stunt. He will get a book out of it but I think he's also going to lose fans. Have you noticed that other than The Pillar most of Catholic media land has been silent about Marshall's announcement?  They aren't mocking him but they aren't cheering him on either. That silence means that even his buddies know that this is not a serious campaign. 

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Random thoughts on a Tuesday morning.

  •  I don't care for Taylor Marshall but I have to give him and Jesse Romero their due. They are, to my knowledge the only people who addressed the Satanic convention that happened last week-end  in Boston. Everyone else maintained silence on the affair. I feel sorry for the poor housekeeping staff at the Marriot (I don't want to hear anymore nonsense about the owners being  devout Christians),  who had to clean up afterwards because you know darn well, that grotesqueries beyond what decent people should ever have to see took place in those hotel rooms. 

  • Last week Rocky and I visited the Canons of New Jerusalem in West Virginia for Mass. As soon as Father began praying I was deeply moved and felt at home. This was the first traditional Mass that my husband and I have been able to attend since Cardinal Gregory and Bishop Burbidge reduced  the TLM parishes. 

  • My allergies have been brutal this year. Yesterday I woke up with a headache, a scratchy throat and a stomach ache from my sinuses draining. I think I woke up two or three times from nausea and pain alone. Extra strength Tylenol and Spam fried rice made me feel better. Boy, I wish it would rain and clear out this pollen for a few days. 

  • Okay, this scared me. 

  • Ireland is going to get it good and hard and will fully deserve it. 


Friday, April 07, 2023

Holy Week up to Easter Vigil

  •  Something was off about Palm Sunday Mass this year. There was no procession and  Father must blessed the palms  without his mic on or before Mass. The palms were brought out late and if you didn't grab a one right before Mass you didn't get one unless you were obviously disabled  and the ushers brought it to you. The palms were also taken away after Mass and Rocky had to go to the usher's sacristy to get our. Father's homily, and the music were excellent. A lot of the regulars were not there and Rocky estimated it was about 100 less people than normal.  

  • We went to the Spy Wednesday Mass and Tenabrae service at our old parish
    And whilst they were eating, he said: Amen I say to you, that one of you is about to betray me. 
     22 And they being very much troubled, began every one to say: Is it I, Lord?  23 But he answering, said: He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, he shall betray me.  24 The Son of man indeed goeth, as it is written of him: but woe to that man by whom the Son of man shall be betrayed: it were better for him, if that man had not been born.  25 And Judas that betrayed him, answering, said: Is it I, Rabbi? He saith to him: Thou hast said it.   

    In this illustration of the Last Supper by Brother Max Schmalzl we see Judas clutching his bag of silver. I wonder if Brother Max was thinking of this passage from Matthew when he created this artwork.  Notice the arrogance and disrespect of  Judas's posture. Everyone else is in an attitude of worship, kneeling or standing  but Judas looks like a bored guest. He  called the Lord "Rabbi," something the Apostles hadn't done for nearly three years. Peter and the others said "Lord," "Master" and referred to Him as the Christ. Judas, says Rabbi, as if Our Lord were just any rabbi in any synagogue. 

  • Mass of the Lord's Supper was wonderful. Fr. said the Novus Ordo as well as it can be done. I was impressed by the parishioners. Everyone was decently dressed. The parents paid attention to their children and the large church was so packed late comers had to stand. Father's homily was excellent. Rocky said he learned some things he hadn't thought of before. We wanted to do the seven church pilgrimage but Rocky was very tired and we needed to go home. 

  • Easter Vigil was okay...mostly.  Bishop Burbidge preached a nice, inoffensive  homily. The music was fine. The decorations were not as nice as in previous years and the crowd was again, noticeably smaller than last year. 

Saturday, April 01, 2023

Rules for Catholic Twitter (Works for other sites too)

 Rules for Catholic Twitter

  1. Do not go on any form of social media if you are easily hurt by other people's opinions. 

  2. Do not ask for advice and become offended when people give it.

  3. Don't offer marital or child rearing advice unless you are committed to calling the shot as you see it and don't really care what people think. 

  4. Do not show your children's photos.  

  5. Do not show photos of the outside of your home or the road near your home.  It's really easy to find you that way. Practice OPSEC and use your common sense. 

  6. Do not use your real name unless you are a public figure. Normal people with jobs could end up fired or with an unhinged madman at the doorstep at 3 in the morning. See Rule 4. 

  7. If you use your real name or have made it easy to for complete strangers to figure out who you are don't shame your children and adult relatives by sharing their personal business. 

  8. Do not strip your loved ones of their dignity by showing the world  photos of them in a helpless, sick and dying state then ask for privacy or be offended by the nasty and crazy comments you get. 

  9. Do not talk about how simple, poor and humble your life is while showing photos of your trip to Europe on "pilgrimage," and be shocked if you get blowback. Look, we all know you didn't bilocate to Europe. The passport, tickets, food and lodgings and in country transport cost big  money. Some people will attack you because they are jealous, and shame on them but others will see you as a hypocrite and might call you out.  

  10. Do not keep posting about how much you hate whatever site you are on and how evil everyone is. Just leave. 

  11. Don't say shocking things just for views and then get all righteous when someone becomes alarmed and calls either the cops or CPS. 

  12. Do remember that everybody has an opinion and while a lot of them are better left unsaid, except for blasphemy and unrepentant admission or approval of certain sins, they have a right to them just as you have a right to yours.

  13. Don't let what's happening on Twitter or any site turn you into a nut---please!  If you feel yourself becoming obsessed turn the computer off. Go be with your family. Attend to the  duties  of your state in life and consider leaving the site for good. 

  14. Don't get mad if someone comments negatively about your immodest photos.  You needed attention. You got it.    

  15. Pray more. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

75 days

In his homily our parochial vicar criticized the people who haven't come back to Mass after the shut downs.  He implied that they were lazy sinners. He was right to an extent  but didn't our bishops go right along with the shutdowns? With a few exceptions the only priests I saw doing outside Masses were SSPX. Most of the Faithful  including the weak,  the foolish,  and the isolated were set adrift. For 75 days we couldn't even go unmasked into an empty church for private prayer without being threatened with arrest by the parish priest or a parish staffer.  I've read many heartbreaking stories of people who wrote about how they begged their parish priest to come give a loved one Last Rites during the shutdown and were rejected. We were all told that watching Mass on TV, Facebook or You Tube was good enough and those who mourned the loss of the Mass were called neurotic and selfish.

Even when the civil authorities allowed us to return to Mass, depending on where you lived, the restrooms were closed. Think of all the adults who need to visit the restroom before or after Mass because of age-related or some chronic physical  condition. All these people had to choose between staying away from their parish or risk soiling themselves in public. Even porta-pottys were locked.  How about an apology for abandoning the flock? That YouTube Mass didn't cut it. Frankly, as I sat in the pew and heard Father, I was pissed. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

You aren't going to lose your TLM because somebody is grieving about losing theirs

 This week I read a Tweet by a nice woman saying that the TLM will be cancelled in her parish. People rushed to accuse her of lying. People outside the diocese actually had the nerve to write that she apparently didn't hear what she heard her priest announce. Others rushed in to say that no, Bishop Barron, of World on Fire fame had actually given her an upgrade by inviting the SSPX to take over a church/chapel in another part of the diocese roughly two hours away. "See," they cackled. "Bishop Barron isn't cancelling anything!" How is losing the TLM in your parish that you've been attending and having to go elsewhere not cancellation? 

The most disgusting part of this pitiful episode has got to be the self righteous Pharisees braying, "You bad Trads complain and will make the saintly bishop so mad he'll take the TLM away from all us! Thank God we're glad Trads and not stupid and ugly sinners like you!"

That's like saying to an abuse victim to hush and not cry so much or they'll  provoke the abuser to beat them some  more.  If your bishop is so thin-skinned, petty and evil that he crushes people because a handful irritate him  then I hate to break it to you but you don't have a good and holy bishop. You don't even have a bread and butter bishop who's mostly decent even if he is a company man. You have a martinet, a cruel step-father and someone who ought not be a bishop. 

I've always believed that the diocesan TLM was doomed and would not last much longer than Pope Benedict XVI's life. That doom has nothing to do with a grouchy Trad in Dubuque  talking on Twitter, Facebook or Blogger. You aren't going to lose your TLM because somebody openly grieved about losing theirs. You are going to lose it because Pope Francis and all his boys hate Tradition. If you can't offer sympathy to a person who is sad because they can't go to  Mass anymore then for the love of God, at least don't pile on with the abuse. 

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Random thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon.

  • St. Peter, pray for us 

  • Shortsighted people dismiss the importance of the Chinese balloon because China and most of our "allies" already spies on us everyday but spying wasn't the point. By sending a balloon to violate the US airspace the Chinese conducted a humifaction ritual and they got away with it. 

  • The bishop's Lenten Appeal starts next week. Rocky and I may find another parish to go to so we don't have to sit through the always uncomfortable speech that will take the place of the homily. 

  • I don't excuse Kari Lake for losing her Faith but not being able to even go into a church during Covid didn't help. 

  • Pope Benedict XVI's posthumous book was such a disappointment that nobody is talking about it. If the Italian nick-name for Pope Paul VI was "The Sad One," then surely poor Benedict's should be something like, "The Pitiful". 

  • Have you ever noticed how many NBA or NFL players went to Catholic high schools? Most don't seem to have taken the Faith from their school years  but their athletic skills were what the school wanted them for and they made money for the school. If your kid's school is financially sound because it's an athletic powerhouse but the kids don't go to Mass regularly and they don't even have a school chapel then what are you paying for?

  • Did you see that hideous , blasphemous jacket Damar Hamlin had on at the Super Bowl? He's not a nice guy.

Mother Mary Lange, pray for us