Friday, February 06, 2009

things i'm tired of hearing about

  1. Fr. Marciel's sex life. Apparently he liked snails AND oysters. There's a fine line between commenting on news and thoroughly enjoying gossip. Some bloggers have clearly crossed it.

  2. C.S. Lewis quotes in homiles. He wasn't Catholic.

  3. Hurricaine Katrina. Right now thousand of Kentuckians are suffering in the cold and the MSM doesn' seem to give a hoot.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"C.S. Lewis quotes in homiles. He wasn't Catholic."

Well, quite a few of his quotes are as Catholics as those of Terence.

You know, Terence wasn't Catholic either, he was a Montanist, believed Montanus was "incarnation of Holy Ghost" perhaps, believed in female priests and bishops, but most of his preserved writings are fine reading for Catholics.

Most of his essay Fernseed and Elephants (there are some lines which are bad) is what I gave as a reference against one newly nominated "bishop of Bruxelles and Mechelen" (I doubt if Pope Michael would consider him lawfully such) who was into a German Modernist Calvinist called Rudolf Bultmann.

Here is the news quote that provoked my article:

Mgr De Kesel est docteur en théologie de l’Université Grégorienne où il a soutenu une thèse intitulée « Le refus décidé de l’objectivation. Une interprétation du Jésus historique dans la théologie chez Rudolf Bultmann.

And here is a link to a Russian Orthodox site copying online Fernseed and Elephants:

Fern-Seed and Elephants
C.S. Lewis

It contains spelling mistakes, notably where that Orthodox web site seems not to get or not to want to get that Anglican Seminaries in UK were ALL that modernist in the day of CSL.

To me, it is obvious, CSL was more Catholic than DeKesel!