Friday, October 30, 2009

Bluegrass Mass

The priest composer performer who came up with this Bluegrass Mass was inspired by being in Bristol, Virginia, the birthplace of Country Music. He means well but as I listened to the music I found myself chuckling.

Bless his heart.

St. John Vianney, pray for us.
St. Pio, pray for us.
Fr. Vincent Cappadono, pray for us.


Lola said...

I remember going to a Polka Mass and a Mariachi Mass.

You've got me laughing this morning! I am reminded about the Southern Woman's "Bless you heart".

(We're too slow in the Midwest to get this. I had to move south before I heard this sort of thing.)

nazareth priest said...

The article I read said he celebrates the EF regularly and people were surprised (shocked?) that he had written question is...WTH?

Adrienne said...

Sorry - that's nauseating!

And my husband teaches guitar, banjo, and mandolin. He also runs a large bluegrass grant program at Holy Names Music Academy in Spokane, and he would never do such a thing at Mass.

patrice said...

Well, that is truly music that BELONGS in a folk Mass. I sing hymns from World Library Press, and I do all the Latin that is allowed in our parish. I commute to a church that sings in Latin--not a TLM, but just very reverent Novus Ordo.

I am an old Folkie, however. I believe that today's "Folk Masses" are misnamed. They do not use real folk music. They sing Glory and Praise modern day hymns.

Father's music here, while original, is true to bluegrass roots. Its use in a Folk Mass would be true to the genre.

Anoymous said...

Well, just a simple fact check and a comment. The priest composer who wrote the Bluegrass Mass DOES NOT live in Bristol, VA. He lives in St. Louis but is a native of Louisiana. Bristol, TN is the birthplace of Bluegrass.

I know listening to the recordings on line may make you laugh a bit. Let me just say that as one who was present when this music was played at Mass, that recording does not do it justice. I was extremely impressed with the talent of these musicians. I was equally impressed at how prayerfully it was done and how even the people who were opposed to it, said they enjoyed it after being at the Mass.

Anoymous said...
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