Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rosary Beads USA

I was looking for a new rosary and came across this lady's remarkably beautiful work on the always interesting Man With a Black Hat blog. Mary, the rosary maker is quite talented and I placed an order. I can't wait until it comes in the mail.
Padre Pio used to say, "Bring me my weapon! Bring me my rosary!" In these increasingly fantastical, reality rejecting times
we need to use the weapon against darkness that our Lady gave us. And if you can find one that is gorgeous and well made, all the better.


deborahdecesare said...

I found your blog through "manwithblackhat" also and it's great! I am a customer of Rosary Beads USA and I must tell you that I was so impressed by her work that ALL my Christmas gifts were Rosaries, Rosary bracelets, bookmarks and jewelry.

The bookmarks are beautiful and work perfectly with paperback or hardcover. Her prices are outstanding and she is very prompt with getting you the order.

I know I sound like a commercial but I have been so disappointed with Rosaries and religious gifts lately because of really inferior quality that I was so happy to find Mary.

You will be extremely pleased and the fact that Mary donates a percentage of her sales (sales-not profit)to a great Mass Association and to one of the best parishes in the country gives me great incentive to keep buying. Oh, by the way, that parish is Mater Ecclesiae Berlin, NJ a place so special you must go there to see what its all about. Mater Ecclesiae has suffered a major setback though because of a roof cave-in over the Rectory from the two blizzards this month.

manwithblackhat has also done a story on Mater Ecclesiae because he has had the priviledge of serving at the Altar there.

Keep up your good work, the more great Catholic blogs there are, the better. God Bless you!

D. deCesare

Lola said...

Did you get the red one?

My opalescent pink rosary is busted! I've been searching all over for my jewlery pliers and can't find them anywhere in order to fix it. I tend to follow along with EWTN's International rosary. But, I've wanted a rosary for bedtime. To keep under my pillow when I'm not praying, just like my grannie used to. To be there in those early morning wake-ups, too early to get up, never too early to pray.
I might just have to visit Mary the rosary maker's store site.

Dymphna said...

Lola, I got the leopard skin jasper one. Do check Mary's rosary site. Her work is wonderful.