Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Holy Father

Happy Birthday 83rd birthday to the Holy Father. When "The Ratzinger Report", was published years ago I not only thought Cardinal Ratzinger was American but also confused him with Fr. Walter Ciszek. The Holy Father has been on my mind all day. I'm very pissed off at some of the professional Catholics who should be defending him. After reading this I'm wondering what the deal is with John Allen.
St. Joan, brave warrior, plain speaker, savior of France while many a French noble cowered in bed, pray for the Holy Father.

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Old Bob said...

Dear Dymphna, many thanks for reminding us of the Holy Father's birthday. Also many thanks for the lovely picture of Jeanne, which I'm going to add to my collection. I've been maaaadly in love with her since I was 18, in 1962. PS: I'm glad you didn't call the Holy Father "the German Shepherd," because that eggs Benedict. ;-)