Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pray for Cardinal Geoge - Fr. Pfleger again

Michelle Malkin, one of my favorite essayists is very upset that Cardinal George is giving Fr. Pleger an award. The last sentence of the essay was the most disturbing to me. It sounds like Michelle is fed up and wavering in her Faith.

But back to Fr. Pfleger and Caridnal George. Yes, that situation is pathetic and maddening. However, the problem didn't start with Cardinal George. It's on his shoe like a plop of goose manure but that pile has been sitting there in full view for a long, long time. The problem started when somebody decided that the parishoners of St. Sabina's were too stupid to handle a regular Novus Ordo Mass and needed a fake African version. That person or those people may have been trying to be nice but didn't do anybody any favors.

Fr. Pfleger says things that you would not expect a man of God say. He hangs with some strange non Catholic characters. He seems to hate white men, which since he is in fact, white himself, seems schizophrenic. Fr. Pfleger should've been corrected more than a decade ago but as he said no-one "had the balls" to do it.

If Cardinal George tells Fr. Pfleger to check himself or be out of his rectory by high noon it would cause a nine day wonder news story. Fr. Pfleger would probably leave the Church and take a chunk of his parishoners with him. There would probably be a nasty legal fight to get custody of the St. Sabina's property. Cardinal George, I assume, does not want that headache so when he can' t avoid Fr. Pfleger, he'll throw him a bone. Being the head of a family or a diocese means that you have to do unfun stuff for the good of the family. The head has to take out the trash, kill snakes, and make sure the household is secure. Pray for Cardinal George, one of these days he, or another cardinal will to have to deal with this situation and it won't be pretty.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I agree that Cardinal George may well have some legal issues should he try to give Pfleger the boot. Be that as it may, such is no excuse for the Cardinal to be derelict in his duties. Sometimes one has to do what is right, and then let the chips fall where they may - in other words, trust God.

Dan said...

Michelle Malkin, in her last comment, says the politicized Church beholden to and in fact punked by leftist politicos is not the church she grew up in. How can this observation of the melancholy state of affairs be considered a "wavering of faith?" On the contrary, she, Thomas Roeser, Christopher Manion and others are attempting to hold the bishops, and especially the USCCB accountable to greater fidelity to Catholic orthodoxy.

Dymphna said...

Dan, usually when people say things like "this isn't what I grew up with" and "they left me" it means they're hanging on a thread. It reminded me of a man who left his wife and told everyone that emotionally she'd left him years ago or when Ronald Reagan famously said that he didn't leave the democrats, the party left him. I'm with Michelle, I just hope she doesn't give up.

Frank said...

Father Pfleger is an embarrassment - to himnself and the entire Catholic Church. At some point, the Church must realize that the longer it ignores these people, the worse things get. Defrock him ASAP. Better no Catholic priest in that community than Pfleger

Anita Moore said...

Yes, I too found the last sentence of Michelle Malkin's piece disturbing. It sounded like a proffered justification for leaving the Church. I hope it's not, but that's how it reads.

As far as Cardinal George and Fr. Pfleger goes, which is the worse scandal: a renegade priest? or a failure on the part of Church authorities to rein him in? What about when the bishop not only fails to rein the renegade priest in but goes so far as to present him with an award?

Lola said...

Sometimes I look around at this big family that is our Church and see people like Fr. Pfleger and in my youth Fr. Greely, and just shake my head.

But, possibly it was Mother Angelica who said spmething like: don't let anyone cause you to leave the treasure that is our Church. And, I hope Ms. Malkin finds a good parish or monastary to run too for comfort.

But, I don't agree with giving any agrandizements to nonsense. If Fr. Pflager earned something, he should get the pat. (Even if it was for a soup kitchen. But, in general, I hate awards.)

I get aggravated even with the stuff in my own diocese. And, as far as I know, we don't have a Fr. Pflager.

Dymphna, your use of words such as "plob of goose manure" and "that pile" had me tee-heeing!

BTW: "The problem started when somebody decided that the parishoners of St. Sabina's were too stupid to handle a regular Novus Ordo Mass and needed a fake African version" is also what they do to our youth at too many parishes with that awful "Life Teen" malarky. (My kids can't stand it.)

It is so good to remind us to pray for Cardinal George. I will. (And, I'm guilted into praying for MY Bishop too!)

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Lola, you hit it, the sxact same philosophy with our teens, I'm praying for conversions left and right.

As I said at another blog, I'll take this parish and make it Catholic I just need a year to do it.

This fake African vision drives me crazy and would explain my absence as "black" Catholic events.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"This is not the Catholic Church I was raised in. It has left me."

Read more at: here.

Unless she is right in considering Cardinal George as basically an Apostate, of course.

Hierarchs supporting Ken Miller can perhaps be considered apostates. Anyone who went to communion preparation with him under Father Murphy and now faces hierarchs agreeing with him rather than with Father Murphy can say the same.

See this series.