Sunday, March 27, 2011

High Anxiety

My mother is frustrated with the slowness of her recovery and she hates being dependant on me and Rocky. I stopped by her home on the way home on Friday and took care of a few things. She was anxious and because the codeine she was prescribed makes her break out in hives she's not using it and is in pain. On top of that street crime has gone way up in my old neighborhood. Mama has always been very careful on the street but now, moving slowly with her cane she's concerned that she might be an easy target for some lowlife.

I'm worried and my project this year is to get her out of DC and into a safe, quiet building in Virginia.

Holy Mother, seat of wisdom. Show me what to do. Protect my dearest Mama and be a mother to her. Remember of most compassionate mother, that it's never been known that anyone who sought your help was left unaided. Like St. Catherine Laboure I throw myself at your knee and would lay my head in your lap. Amen.


Lola said...

Allergies and 'sensitivies' to pain killers are sometimes worse than the pain. (Although what you dear mother just went through, I hope they can get her something that doesn't giver her those dangerous side-effects.)

I hope you and your mother find a great new place for her.

From experience, I will say, you both will be blessed if she is closer in proximity to you and in a "one-level" home.

Also, if it's a 'rental-apartment', the staff often is more than happy to instal grab-bars in the lavs.

God Bless you and I pray your mother's recovery progresses and 'uneventful' from now on!

Dymphna said...

Thank you, Lola!