Saturday, March 19, 2011

You can't get any more manly than St. Joseph

It's pretty hard being a boy these days. On one hand you have the emasculators trying to turn you into a limp, pretty pushover and on the other hand you have guys who claim that anybody who doesn't have hundreds of women in his past is a beta male and not worthy to hang out with real men.  All of this is piffle. You can't get any more manly than holy St. Joseph.


Old Bob said...

Thanks, Dymphna! I like your comments on young men nowadays (I'm 67 and grew up in a whole 'nother world), and especially your description of St. Joseph. It takes great strength of character (gift of God, of course) to be kind and gentle! I also pray to St. Joseph to help me - at least in spirit - with my home carpentry projects, and he has never failed me and never will.

Lola said...

I love St. Joseph.

Thank you for such a great post!

I was told by a sweet Father at Our Lady of the Snows Shrine that St. Bernadette had a special devotion to St. Joseph. And, she was to have told people that on his feast day, you can ask him for any favor!

I had asked him for help as a young woman for guidance in finding my career (I'm not a trust fund baby) and in finding a husband. (It takes one to know one!)

He came through for both!

Thank you St. Joseph.

Joseph Therese said...

Amen :)