Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was reading a book on St. Faustina's life  and I was struck by how hard it was on one hand and yet how filled with Heavenly joy she was. Her parents did not want her to become a nun and after she left for the convent they never saw her again. Some of the other more educated nuns looked down on her and did not make her convent life a bed of roses. And of course, there was the tuberculosis. Whenever people go on about vaccines I always try to thank God that I grew up in a world where kids got a TB shot and we never had to worry about drowning in our own blood while our lungs fall apart. People tend to think about Satine dying prettily in Moulin Rouge or Mimi singing an aria before succumbing in La Boheme but TB is not like that. St. Faustina went through agony we can't even imagine. And yet, she did not lose her Faith or her hope.

Dear Faustina, apostle of the Divine Mercy, pray for us. 

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Gina said...

St. Faustina has quickly become one of my favorite saints after completing her Diary. The things that struck me the most about her were her dedication to obedience... even in the face of such hostility and injustice... and her sense of humor (which she constantly chided herself for in her writings to God).

I can only imagine little Faustina making a witty remark during a particularly stressful morning, drawing laughter from her sisters and lifting the cloud of tension from the air. Then, she'd apologize to God in her humility, begging forgiveness for breaking the silence (not realizing that God had gifted her with such a wonderful sense of humor to bring joy to others).

Oh St. Faustina, I thank you nightly for the gift of the Divine Mercy Chaplet that you so courageously brought to the world at the request of Jesus. Thank you, dear. Thank you. :)