Friday, August 19, 2011

poison in the IV

Imagine you're lying in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV. Now imagine there is a tiny dose of lethal poison in the bag. It will take hours to reach your vein and it may or may not kill you immediately when it does, but it is coming and you can't stop it unless you wake up. Well, we all need to wake up and we need to do it right now. A group of pro-pedophilia activists and mental health professionals got together and had a meeting in Baltimore on how to remove the stigma of pedophilia.

You may think these are just a few nuts and it's no big deal. The trouble is that these nuts come from places like Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. They speak soothingly, toss around high sounding jargon and hint that they're fine and we are the ones who aren't sophisticated enough to understand. They have influence. Too many Americans are still awed by the magic words : Harvard graduate-- and drip by drip they are seeping their poison into America.


Old Bob said...

1. Remove stigma by loudly proclaiming these people are genetically programmed and thus not responsible.
2. Force acceptance by passing anti-anti-pedophilia laws.
3. Proclaim that non-pedophilia is the true aberration, and those folks must be reeducated.
Etc., etc., etc.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

These are the same "experts" who brought us normalization of homosexuality and set the stage for same sex marriage. One of the "sexperpts" who adressed the pro-pedophile conference is Dr. Fred Berlin who also advises the US bishops and was instrumental in telling them they could safely send abusers back into parish work. Dr. Judith Reisman said the bishps should have sued their "experts." Instead, these quacks are still listed on their website and treated like legitimate sources. God help us! I blogged on this at Les Femmes.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

They should of course leave definitions about virtue and vice to Church and state.

That is not a medical question.

"Minor" is such a slippery word and can mean anything from a real child whom only a monster could be attracted to that way to someone who would in a normal society (not modern) not have been minor when it came to marriage.